Toyota Offering Prius 10th Anniversary Edition in the UK

Toyota Offering Prius 10th Anniversary Edition in the UK

With 10 years of overwhelming sales success in the U.K. for the Prius, Toyota has announced a limited edition Prius exclusive to the U.K. And before you roll your eyes at the idea of a limited edition Prius, Toyota has managed to make it a tad bit more sporty and none of its accessories mess with the Prius’ good ‘ol mpg rating.

On the outside, Toyota adds a subtle body kit to the Prius’ exterior along with 17-inch wheels. The kit consists of a two-piece front lip add-on, slightly more stylish side skirts and matching two-piece skirt kit for the rear. A minor accessory comes in the form of a rear privacy glass, while the interior gets nicely embossed black leather – which is something many Prius owners in America have begged for.

Toyota will only make 1,000 units of the 10th Anniversary Prius, all which will be sold in the UK for around $41,500. Considering that it’s based on the top-range Prius (T-Spirit in the UK), it’s not too shabby.

GALLERY: Toyota 10th Anniversary Prius

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