2011 Vauxhall VXR8 Makes Us Weep For Pontiac G8

2011 Vauxhall VXR8 Makes Us Weep For Pontiac G8

Although the good Lord chose to take the Pontiac G8 from us far too early in its life, other countries can still enjoy GM’s Zeta platform superstar in all it’s Holden Commodore-based goodness.

The United Kingdom is particularly privileged, as it gets this Vauxhall VXR8, seemingly adorned in Rape Yellow, and it comes equipped with a 430 horsepower LS3 V8, capable of hitting 60 mph in just under 5 seconds. The VXR8 also gets the Magnetic Ride Control dampers from the Corvette ZR1, and a chassis tuned by Holden Special Vehicles, two items that were conspicuously missing from the Pontiac G8.

Of course, the VXR also costs an outrageous $78,060, about double the price of the top level G8 GXP. Still cheaper than an AMG or BMW M car, but a LOT of scratch for a General Motors sedan.

[Source: Top Speed]

  • Christopher Price

    I’d say the government’s Auto Task Force had more to do with the demise of the G8 than God did.

    That’s not to say it can’t come back though, which is what GM wanted Pontiac to ride out the economy as; a niche sub-brand of Buick with just the G8.

    — BringPontiacBack.org

  • Dan

    We dont need pontiac back. We just need the g series cars back. Slap a chevy or buick badge on them.

  • Sattyrock

    Ford should make it so people in the USA could buy the cars they make for the Aussies they have some bad ass cars 

  • Jim Farrell

    In the US, Our Big Chief, the Pontiac brand was discontinued due in part by dismal sales numbers.  Sadly for us, GMs performance brand was expensive and not just the sticker price, but the cost of ownership. My girlfriend spent about $300 a month on avg for her Bonni SSei on maintainance. Bad steering racks, her transmission, fuel pump, intercooler, cats, window motors, and with less than 90,000 miles, the list never ends….  Our Big Chief is gone but the payment book will still be around for a few more years