2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe to Get More Power

2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe to Get More Power

Hyundai shocked the world when it first announced it would build the rear-drive 300-hp Genesis Coupe, and now it appears the automaker is looking to add more oomph to its sports coupe lineup.

Since the Genesis Coupe debuted back in 2008, the horsepower wars have raged on with cars like the Ford Mustang going from 210-hp to 305-hp. Once seen as a bargain, the G Coupe is a slightly less enticing package than it once was. To combat this, Hyundai will look to add more power to the Genesis two-door in 2012, along with a slight facelift, AutoGuide has been told.

Both the 4-cylinder and V6 engines are slated to get upgrades, although exactly how extensive they will be is not yet clear. It’s not hard to speculate that the 2.0T model could gain the Sonata Turbo’s new engine, prompting a significant increase in power from 210-hp to 274-hp. That would come very close to the 3.8-liter V6’s 306-hp number, suggesting it would also have to receive a major update, be it through naturally aspirated means, forced induction, or a switch to a V8. Past reports have already indicated the company’s new 5.0-liter V8 will replace the current 3.8L V6, producing a rather significant 429-hp.

  • Jay Westfall

    I am gonna SCREAM! Where is the Chevy sports sedan answer to this one!?

  • CAW is for morons


    Going to kick some CAW/AUW butt.

  • gendriver

    great…now I know what 2010 Mustang V6 owners felt like when the 2011 was released. I love my Gen, but 300 HP doesnt seem like much anymore lol. Curses!

  • Kemy Loree Derlago

    Too many of you get hung up on H.P. outputs , but that is just a small part of the equation . The most important question you should be asking is what is the torque curve at different R.P.M. ( valve lift ) . For a street driven vehicle this is critical . Secondly at what R.P.M. is the peak or acceptable H.P at the back /front wheels as the application may dictate . there is an old engineering saying and that is …… there is no substitute for cubic inch displacement and that is a fact of physics , period !. piston speed is what dictates how long an engine will live .

  • doug

    hey kemy, when it makes 90hp less than the car that costs less and doesn’t have a LSD stock (like the car that costs less) of course people will choose mustang over gen coupe any day of the week.

    you can stare at torque curves all you want but it ain’t changing the fact that 215hp vs over 300 is a huge gap.

  • David

    I think the bigger news would be the 274 hp turbo 4 cylinder. another V8 is great news, but there are already enough contenders in that market. while the RWD 4 cylinder turbo market is void. this would be well received if the fuel economy and price are right. they really should include a stripped down Limited slip sport model just above the base model and sell it for less than the mustang V6.

  • CaliGuy

    I hope they will maintain the current base 2.0T 5A and sell it for even more less than their upgraded model plans.

  • Abdo

    wohoooo ill buy it then

  • lloyd

    Unless these engines have Direct Injection ,they are already obsolete. Mileage is going to be so important in the future.