2012 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Rendering: Who’s the Ugly One Now EVO?

2012 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Rendering: Who’s the Ugly One Now EVO?

There are a lot of rumors surrounding the next Subaru Impreza WRX STI, with some reports suggesting it will go diesel, while others point to a hybrid version. And while we don’t yet know what the decided powerplant will be, we can guarantee it will include AWD, go like stink and look awesome!

OK, so we don’t know that last one either, but thanks to the creative genius of artist Jon Sibal we can share a creative peak at what the next STI might look like.

Based on the Impreza Design Concept unveiled at the LA Auto Show, the STI model gets the requisite fender flares, top-mount intercooler and, of course, a massive wing on the back. The concept car has actually received a significant level of criticism from the Subaru faithful, although it’s easy to see how the handsome compact car shape works perfectly in a more aggressive form.

While Subarus have never been the most attractive cars on the road and the STI has always paled in comparison to its Mitsubishi rival, if Subie’s designers follow this path it might be the first time the EVO comes up short on the looks department.

  • Rob

    The rear fender flares are a bit too much in my opinion….. but the front end looks sick!!!
    Wing needs to be re-shaped to better suit the car.

  • Ted

    Still too many doors.

  • Edd

    “if Subie’s designers follow this path it might be the first time the EVO comes up short on the looks department.”

    How come? We have no idea how the 2012/2013 Evo might look like… jumping to conclusions way too fast ????

  • Ady

    The old one was so ugly. :) This new is awsome. 😀

  • Erin

    This is the car I’ve been waiting for! It has a beautiful design – sporty and sophisticated and I love the fact that it has four doors. I have been searching for a car like this for a long time. I can’t wait for it to be put on the market – I’ll be the first in line to buy it! :)

  • An Adult

    Yeah right $ 40,000 and an underpowered turbo that makes 300 HP!! What a joke. Hell every car makes over 300 HP now days. The bar has been at least 400 HP for a few years now. Unless your 16 years old. What a joke. Subie needs to wake up and listen to what people want.

  • Doug

    It’s not about power, It’s the power to weight ratio. I don’t care if has “only” 300hp, as long as it doesn’t weigh 2 tons like “every” other car out there.

    The only numbers that matter to me is 0-60, 1/4 mile, slalom and lateral grip. I could care less about the horsepower it makes, as long as it beats the pants off of the other guy. Power means nothing when it is attached to a land yacht, trust me…I own a Dodge Challenger I know.

  • Drexler-Status

    Um nope..the STI hasn’t always came up short to the EVO. In fact the last couple years the EVO popularity has dropped a bit and the STI’s have increased. The back end of the 2008-2011 WRX sedans look like a Kia….The hatchback STI is the way to go. It’s an awesome looking car, and performs well. It’s a true AWD hatchback. Don’t get me wrong i love Mitsubishi, but the newer EVO’s have got uglier.

  • Zaksti

    MAke it a Damn Coupe Already! 22B style!..400HP! Lets shed the weight down to 3,100lbs and you have a SUPERCAR, well somewhat. 8) Enough is enough Subaru…WE WANT – COUPE, WIDER, LIGHTER, FASTER!

  • P4radigm

    Hmm… I like it… no I hate it…. no I like it….. no, the world ends in 2012 anyway! Or is that supposed to be 2064 after Mayan to Gregorian corrections? O.o

    Seriously, the Impreza Concept scared me, but I this is a liveable solution. Just stick with a TMIC would you FHI? And keep that wing, it gives character without rice, and provides 88kg @ 120MPH IIRC(metric weight with US speed, go figure).

  • amanda

    Complaining about power? Atleast this sti is going to be direct fuel injected….. I was told using Cobb accessport sti d.I. will be 500hp tuned.

  • john


  • SubaruFreak

    I love it, it is the best looking STI! 😮

  • Willis1121

    I love this design!! don’t get me wrong the power is sweet, But Subaru come on why not make every WRX and STI standard with 400 or 500 horses. Make the STI a TRUE SUPERCAR, now that would be sweet!

  • Martin Savage MD

    Have had 04 and now 07 STI with power pac and short shifter.New sti is much slower than my car.Subaru will lose me if HP does not increase to 375-400……easy to do!!! Boss 302 will win me over!!!

  • Slaney Slaney

    Boss is a super nice car but a real loser off the Tarmac.

  • muhammed waseem husain

    I feel subaru is going from iconic to toxic ..one thing that makes a car hav heart is history
    Take porsche for example yes they have various new models bt the 911 body remains intact

    If I was the designer for subaru I will rather focus on interior n make cosmetic changes not
    The entire shape well if it looked good that would be nice

    If going green is they concern rather not make cars

  • SUbaruYEAAHH

    man i hope to god the 2012 subaru doesnt look like this, this is the most uglyest one yet. If they were to make a 2012 version then make something nice

  • Marius

    It is the best looking STI!


    What a great improvement over the past few years. Subaru stuggles to get a front end identity. I have an 06 STI and like the front treatment but this is awesome!!!!! Hope the rest of the car is the same way and the pricing is reasonable. Subaru–don’t price yourself out of the market like Mazda did with the third generation RX7.

  • Sefu

    Diesel, flat six, 300 bhp, why not?

  • Djar

    Why is everyone trying to increase the power on the sti? it is a four cylinder and has 300+ hpwr!! The reason they don’t make it more powerful is because it would become too expensive. Besides most people that get sti’s modify them afterwards, so this gives the buyer a great feeling that they can make their car better thats why these cars are so demanded. Making it more powerful would simply make it too expensive, and most people would not pay for a 45,00 dollar sti. This gives you great power and a great car, without the supercar price.

  • TMZ

    Hey Subaru, make a coupe version of the sti.

  • FEVO

    Had an ’03 EVO before and usually prefer them but if this car ever makes production the way it looks here, I will buy it

  • Ted

    Look really closely people. That design is very similar to a car already on the road with the exception of a couple extra air damns and two extra doors. It is the Scion TC with a hood scoop. As a matter of fact, the tail lights look like an old Celica from the pic. i have a 2005 WRX and was dissappointed with the 2008-2010 design. That looked like a Corolla on Steroids. The new 2011 is the best looking STi ever and just so happens to be the fastest STi around the Nurburgring. Keep the same design for a couple of years. Look for different Spec options.

  • Fabi

    Hey I own a 2011 STi and I was wondering if the Cobb access port would avoid my warrenty?

  • Freddy Fahouri

    Please! Subaru’s are WACK and EVO’s are even WACKIER. I just sold my 08′ STI, practically gave it away at 23,500. What people don’t get is that these cars are qucik and perform well for the first couple of years. After that you have to keep dumping money into them just so they can up with a tuned up Scion. I got my money and put it down on an HPH tuned VW Scirocco, yup going V-DUB, bye bye Subi!!! My brother owns an 04′ R32 AWD and even after I tuned my STI I still could barely keep up on the quarter. Not to mention how many people remind me that it WRX’s sound like they’re farting and the noise gets louder as you accelerate! WHY! SUBI??? That thing is as fast and as SICK as a Porsche. I just can’t get past how sexy and luxurious VW interiors are NOT cheap looking. And models like the GTI are pretty sexy as well. Well I know alot of peeps here are in denial and probably hating right now so I guess I’m outta here. Peace! drop me a line for vids… fredsavesourmoney@yahoo.com

  • Freddy Fahouri

    by the way I was reffering to the 04′ VW R32, when I said it was as fast and as SICK as a Porsche. I did’nt mean my STI. Peace!

  • Freddy Fahouri

    I was reffering to the 04′ R32, that is as SICK and quick as a Porsce, unfortunately not my STI. bye bye STI.

  • Eric Quiroz

    are u importing the vw scirocco here to the states? those are pretty awesome i checked them out. im stuck with my evo for now because i owe to much on it being a 2010 but am considering the scirocco if it comes to america but i would never buy a wrx even if it was an sti they look cheap and the sedan looks like a kia or at best a corolla on steroids.

  • Ryan

    Every major car enthusiast magazine holds an annual Evo vs STi shootout that pits a bunch of each of these cars in various trims and power levels against each other in a series of competitions. Tell me when the last time was that the overall winner was a Subaru? Don’t worry I’ll wait. The Castrol Syntec top shop car was an Evo and the top shop engine build off was a 4g63 made by the same shop. It hurts me to think that people think there is a comparison.

  • Slaney Slaney

    STI is an easier car to mod bettere day to day just better all around .The EVo comes with bill stein and recaros and sounds like a sewing machine .

  • Mike

    I think this looks positively awesome. Cannot wait to see the new Impreza BIG improvement over the last interation. I love the styling of this WRX STi!

  • STi fears no evo

    OK now make the real STi production car look like this picture don’t be changing things around on it it looks fine like this BUT add a 1000whp capable of holding block, heads, and valves so we can just slap in a bigger turbo n run over the evo’s n put a strong 5 speed tranny 6 gears makes us lose time shifting to 5 gears on the track 😀

  • STi fears no evo

    OOO yea don’t forget to add some 1000whp forged pistons too 😉

  • yushri

    Subaru sti

  • Kevin Meehan

    Subaru modified the platform for the 2012 Impreza and left the WRX & WRX STi alone. Two different badges. There is no 2012 “Impreza WRX STI” any more.

  • Kevin Meehan

    Let me amend that. There never was one!

  • baza the kiwi

    Freddy – I wonder if you cooled the turbo down before you shut the STi off each time. Big truckers do it and all turbo vehicles should do it to get the EGT down to around 300ºF before shutting down. My son has an 07 GTi turned up to about 270WHP with 45000kms on it and still feels the same. Turbos are the first thing to go on vehicles if they are not looked after.

  • Tim

    FYI, i happen to own a 379 Peterbilt semi truck with a 550/hp Caterpillar,we (truckers) let the turbo cool for a 5 min cool down because these turbos are “oil” cooled. Unlike the turbos on the Subies that are cooled with coolant not oil. So, they don’t need to cool down as long.

    But, you are correct in that you should let the EGT cool-down before shut down. My son has a 2011 WRX and the little bastard is fast. I trucked over 3 millions miles and I drive it on ocassion, standing stock it will run with a lot of V-8’s …Just sayin’

  • kenrick

    I own a JDM STI V5’99, and for this look is not bad but looks more like a scion. I think the front get an 9 points, the side with fenders/flares an 6, the rear with spoiler 4 and the deck a 6, total 6,25points overall.
    If they make the engine parts better, e.g.forged pistons,piston rings and better oil pickups and baffles then it would get more attention to buy. I don’t like the franchise between toyota and subaru, this cause the big problem in design that we don’t like anymore. I want quality vs styling and prizing.

  • john johnson

    good thing im goona get a 04-07 sti…after 07 sti got ruined…this looks like a fucking ford fiesta…without the wing

  • elloy

    Man I think it looks,but I do think the fender flares are bit to bulged look tone it down a bit then you’ll be fine,but just don’t do what the EVO did and make it to heavy that it can’t out do the old one,I love the EVO but the new one is a bit to heavy and the interior was dyland cheap,

  • gradi

    subaru!!!!!!!listen what peoples are saying.make a coupe.even same as p1.that was,is and will be a dream car all of scooby fans.

  • gradi

    wrx even not sti is arroun 1400 kgs heavy.with flat four 218 bhp engine is fast as shit.peoples don’t know how fast is sti.i don’t care if some evo’s are faster.fuck that.i love subaru.i will always love them.hi five for evo owners.and next to wrx owners.good luck with ur cars.

  • Robert

    Love the styling. The current model is ugly. Subaru needs to build a good looking car around the great STI engine. I wonder if the back end would look as good.

  • Jim

    you guys are a riot. Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one. Different strokes for different folks. You all must be 20 somethings.

  • Markslaney1965

    My 2012 wrx sti hatchback black on black is dressed to impress .The evo takes it styleing from a block of ice.

  • Markslaney1965

    I have never seen an ugly STI.



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