2012 Volkswagen New Beetle Spied Testing [Video]

2012 Volkswagen New Beetle Spied Testing [Video]

After being teased on Oprah recently, some spy video of Volkswagen‘s 2012 New Beetle has popped up online giving us the best look at at the new car.

With lines more reminiscent of the original Bug, there’s a more prominent hood with a profile that’s closer to a coupe, eliminating some of the excessively cute traits of the previous generation.

There are no details on the underlying engines or if VW has decided to adapt its more budget-oriented strategy to the car, as it did with the Jetta, which would significantly reduce the price of the car over the past models.

See the video after the jump:

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  • Allan O’Grady Cuseo

    Looks great — I do see the original beetle design referenced… I am hoping the beetle comes with a GPS system as well….otherwise I might have to get a Tiguan.

  • Sy

    NO! Oh man…. Why does it seem like all cars are moving towards all looking alike?! I am a fan of UNIQUE looking autos, and now the New New Beetle won’t be on that list anymore. WHAT A SHAME. The Scion XB also did this, their second version of the car looked MUCH more like a regular SUV. Man. Sucks for people like me who <3 Unique. Gonna lose that market.

  • Gloria Seymour

    I have a 2000 new beetle. If this is the new one, I would never buy it. It looks like a regular car! What is great about the real new beetle is it does not look like other cars. I WILL HANG ON TO MY OWN NEW BEETLE. YOUR NEW DESIGN IS HORRIBLE!

  • Stacey

    I agree with the others. They took away the uniqueness of the original design. At least the new beetle held on to the original shape. In will keep my 2004 convertible.

  • Bob Hicks

    I am in love again!!!! I have good memories of my old Beetle days and ….I want this new version. I loved the old one and to me this new one is beautiful car….I like the idea of a few more inches of storage space and there is now other car that has this look…it is still a clsssic in my eyes!