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 |  Dec 22 2010, 7:31 PM


We’re really not sure what to think of this. Undoubtedly the end result isn’t very attractive, especially since the starting platform doesn’t even come close to the R8′s curvaceous body. But we’re a little bit intrigued at the entire idea and possibility of Audi offering a sedan variant of their supercar.

Based on what’s online, this is actually a 2001 Audi A8 that was spotted outside a Hooters in Montreal, Canada. From there the front end was clearly converted to resemble an R8 while the rest of the car is outfitted with an extremely gaudy and excessive body kit. And the exhaust setup, well that’s definitely a first for us.

We’ll hold out for a Panamera-based Audi, or even an RS7.

GALLERY: Audi R8 Sedan

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[Source: CarScoop]