Audi to Advertise During Superbowl XLV

Audi to Advertise During Superbowl XLV

Audi of North America just announced that they will be advertising on Super Bowl XLV. This will mark the fourth time Audi is advertising at the big game, which comes with a big price tag. Each 30-seconds spot costs about $3-million or more, which would take a huge chunk out of Audi North America’s annual budget.

So why do it? Scott Keogh, chief marketing officer for Audi of America says that results have shown that traffic and interest regarding Audis has increased following the Super Bowl ad. He went on to say, “The success we’ve experienced with Super Bowl is clearly translating to growth, as we’re on track this year to deliver the best U.S. sales in history. Audi has never been hotter.”

In the past they have promoted the A3, the A6 and the R8, but it is not yet known which vehicle Audi will be promoting in their next spot.

See after the jump for what is easily Audi’s best Superbowl ad to date:

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