BMW 1 Series GTR Race Car is a Lethal Track Weapon

BMW 1 Series GTR Race Car is a Lethal Track Weapon

At first glance it may appear that this BMW 1-Series race car resembles a toy R/C car, or a gaudily-built show car, but closer examination reveals a fully functional race car by Senkyr Motorsports. The Czech race team has plenty of experience fielding several BMW Motorsport race cars is now adding a 1 Series to its collection, inspired by the company’s own E92 GTR race car.

On the exterior, the 1 Series has been widened beyond belief, squeezing 18×10-inch wheels in the front while the rear spins 18×12-inch sized BBS Motorsport Race wheels. The performance has been enhanced to 408-hp, which we’re assuming is based off the 135i engine platform. Why you ask? Well, the massive front mount intercooler is a dead giveaway that the car is turbocharged.

The radical styling continues to the rear with a massive spoiler and vented rear bumper to match the widebody. It should be interesting to see this car hit the track.

GALLERY: Senkyr Motorsports BMW 1-Series GTR Race Car

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[Source: BMW Blog]

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