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 |  Dec 14 2010, 2:22 PM

You’ve heard of Groupon and LivingSocial, the sites where members group together to buy services at a significantly lower cost. But how’s this for a deal? DailyWish.com is going to be selling something a little fancier than a medi/pedi – two 2011 BMW 328i vehicles at 50 percent off.

On December 16 – that’s this Thursday – the American Express’ online marketplace DailyWish.com will have two 2011 328i BMW vehicles on sale at half-price or $17,262.50 (regularly $35,975).

DailyWish.com is American Express’ online marketplace and works just like Groupon.com and LivingSocial.com. The start times for the sales are usually announced the day before, but check DailyWish now to up a reminder for this sale using the “Remind me” button. The DailyWish.com deals can only be purchased by American Express card members.

The 2011 328i BMW for sale through DailyWish.com base models but additional options can be added. If you end up buying one, a representative will call a few days after the sale to give you all the pertinent information about your new purchase, including available interior and exterior colors, and to arrange for a dealer.

[Source: DailyWish.com]