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 |  Dec 17 2010, 12:49 PM

BYD, the Chinese automaker backed by American investment magnate Warren Buffet, has delayed plans to bring their B6 electric car to America to better engineer the car for American tastes.

The Wall Street Journal, having spoken to a BYD representative, claims that, “the holdup was caused by BYD’s efforts to make the car roomier, especially its rear-seat area that was cramped thanks to a beefy battery pack that needs to be stored under the seat.”

BYD expects the first 50 B6′s, destined for fleets, to arrive sometime in 2011, with private sales beginning in 2012. With the notoriously unreliable schedule of Chinese automakers, don’t be surprised if we see further delays with the introduction of Chinese-made EVs in the United States.

[Source: Wall Street Journal]