Callaway Germany Corvette Z06-RR is a Street Legal Track Weapon

Callaway Germany Corvette Z06-RR is a Street Legal Track Weapon

Corvette’s Z06 platform is arguably one of the most potent foundations on which to build a street-legal race car from. Callaway Europe has recently been working on its Z06-RR, outfitting the American sports car with plenty of race-inspired go fast goods while retaining its street legality.

Starting with the Z06’s aluminum frame that’s been stiffened with a cage, Callaway bolted on a set of AP Racing brakes while Moton dampers handle suspension duties. For the exterior, the Z06-RR features a GT2 spec rear wing and a ZR1/GT3 front splitter. The only performance modification mentioned is a new exhaust system, but it is stated that a special LS7 track engine does power the Z06-RR, built by APP Racing Engines in Holland.

Make sure to check out a video of Callaway’s Z06-RR in action after the break.

GALLERY: Callaway Corvette Z06-RR

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[Source: Corvette Motorsport]

Callaway Z06-RR at Hockenheim from Hajo Hajo on Vimeo.

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