Chevrolet Aveo to Change Name to ‘Sonic’

Chevrolet Aveo to Change Name to ‘Sonic’

Despite having already debuted the new Chevy Aveo show car at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year, and the official production model reveal at the Paris Auto Show, General Motors has reportedly decided to change the sub-compact’s name when it arrives here in 2011.

According to the team at GMInsideNews, Chevy has green-lighted a name change to ‘Sonic.’ (You know, like, the hedgehog). This report is backed-up by GM’s recent filing for a trademark on the name “Chevrolet Sonic” in October.

The move should help GM’s re-establish the new model and move away from the Aveo’s ‘Old GM’ reputation for being cheap. It also fits with Chevy’s new ‘hip’ naming structure, sitting between the compact Cruze and the upcoming Spark minicar.

GALLERY: Chevrolet Aveo (Sonic) Debut in Paris


[Source: GMInsideNews]