Chevrolet Dealers Revive COPO Camaros For 2011

Chevrolet Dealers Revive COPO Camaros For 2011

In the glory days of the muscle car, Chevrolet dealers would sometimes manipulate GM’s centralized ordering system to whip up some crazy concoctions with performance parts not normally available on regular production cars from the Bowtie brand. Nowadays, the COPO cars (as they’re known, in honor of GM’s Central Office Production Order system) can bring in huge bucks, as collectors strive to snap up the remaining cars built by Yenko and other notable dealerships.

Fast forward a few decades, and two dealerships, DeNooyer Chevrolet in Albany N.Y, and NeSmith Chevrolet, which has two location Georgia, are reviving this trend by using parts from GM’s Performance Parts catalog. NeSmith’s car puts down 700 horsepower from an LS9 V8 (the same type used in the Corvette ZR1) but will run you $125,000. The DeNooyer car uses a GM crate engine, known as the LSX454, that puts down 620 horsepower.

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[Source: GM Inside News]

  • Doug

    How do they do this without seriously pissing off the EPA. Individual dealers do not have the resources to go through the certification processes. Tuners such as Saleen, Shelby and Hennessey have the ability to do this but not the local dealer. What good is a COPO car when in some States they won’t even be a able to leave the lot.