Chrysler Sebring Not Even Good Enough for Russia

Chrysler Sebring Not Even Good Enough for Russia

In a land where the Ladas actually pass as respectable cars, the Chrysler Sebring has been rejected by consumers.

According to several reports, production of the Sebring (rebadged as the Volga Siber) has been stopped due to low demand.

The car (based on the previous generation model and not our current Sebring), was being produced by Russian automaker GAZ, after it purchased the tooling and rights from Chrysler. GAZ had expected to sell as many as 40,000 cars a year, but only ever produced a maximum of 2,500 cars.

Officials at GAZ have denied the reports so far, but sources indicate the automaker is preparing to partner with one or more other foreign automakers (the list includes Volkswagen, Mercedes and General Motors) to produce cars under contract for the Russian market.

[Source: via TheCarConnection]