Chrysler Town & Country Set To Capture Minivan Sales Crown

Chrysler Town & Country Set To Capture Minivan Sales Crown

Few people pay attention to minivans, but an interesting sales war is heating up, with what could be Chrysler’s first major sales victory in their post-bailout era.

Chrysler‘s Town & Country minivan, which just underwent a pretty substantial refresh, is the leading minivan according to sales data, moving 102,495 units through November. The perennial leader, the Honda Odyssey, trailed by about 4500 units, amid a surging minivan market. Toyota’s Sienna is over 10,000 units behind the Chrysler.

It seems unlikely that the Odyssey will prevail, and 2011 is sure to be an interesting year if the upward sales of minivans continues, especially with a predicted rise in gas prices.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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