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 |  Dec 22 2010, 8:02 AM

At this year’s SEMA Show, Dodge boss Ralph Gilles hinted that he’s looking to bring back the Cuda, a car that just came another step closer to production with Chrysler having just registered the name.

Combined with the fact that the muscle car wars have been heating up for several years now, the introduction of the Barracuda (easily one of the most iconic names in the auto industry) is a certainty. What isn’t clear are the details, especially considering the Cuda was a Plymouth product – and Chrysler killed-off the Plymouth brand in 2001.

The car will most certainly be based on the Dodge Challenger underpinnings, and we sincerely hope that like the historic cars it will be slightly smaller overall – as doubtful as that may be.

[Source: AllPar]

  • michael

    Great idea! considering the demand is definitely there when you see other manufacturers are reproducing other muscle car classics. PLEASE Chrysler make the `Cuda ridicously fast to keep the legend alive!

  • phil gillespie

    oh how i hope so.i own a 72 cuda with a hemi.and i would stand in line to buy a new cuda.the greatest muscle car ever built.

  • Mokincaid

    It’s gotta have a hemi and a shaker hood. Oh Pleeeeeeeeze, Oh Pleeeeeeeeze, Oh Pleeeeeeeeze, Oh Pleeeeeeeeze, Oh Pleeeeeeeeze,  A pistol grip shifter would be nice too.

  • Mokincaid

    I had a 440 with a six pack and it was a beaut. I will sell everything I own to get one.