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 |  Dec 17 2010, 3:01 PM

Take that lazy drivers! As anyone who lives in the snow belt will tell you, motorists who drive around with snow all over their car are more than an annoyance, they’re a hazard.

Understanding the danger that snow or ice blowing off a car or truck can cause, the state of New Jersey recently passed a law requiring drivers to clean off all exposed surfaces of their vehicle before heading out on the road. Currently only the state of Pennsylvania legally requires snow to be removed from windows, while several other states have fines if the falling snow results in an injury or accident. Connecticut has passed a similar law but it doesn’t take effect until 2013.

In New Jersey, fines for not swiping or scraping range from $25 to $75 and jump to $1,500 for commercial vehicles. News of the law taking effect is posted on the NJ state website, accompanied by a photo of a driver sweeping off his car and the words, “Ice & Snow Remove it Before You Go.”

According to officials, fines will not be given out for snow that has accumulated when a car is out in a storm and commercial trucks will also be able to avoid the fee if they can prove they are on their way to a snow removal station. (How you prove that, we have no idea).

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