Conan O’Brien Giving Away 20 Pine Tree Air Fresheners, Complete With Chevy Cruze

Conan O’Brien Giving Away 20 Pine Tree Air Fresheners, Complete With Chevy Cruze

A while back reports circulated that General Motors bight be pairing up with Oprah for another car giveaway. That never materialize, with Oprah instead opting to team up with Volkswagen, but now another TV host is doing their part to get you behind the wheel of a car for free.

General Motors and Conan O’Brien have just launched a new give-away: “20 Pine Tree Air Fresheners in 20 Nights.” And it just so happens that with each air freshener, Conan will also include a handy life-sized 2012 Chevy Cruze carrying case.

Hit the link below to enter:

And Click Here to Read AutoGuide’s review of the 2011 Chevy Cruze

  • james sprouse

    please i need this air freshener help me please

  • Melissa Daugherty

    O’Brien won’t you give me a Chevrolet Cruze…I’m counting on you Conan so please don’t let me down-Worked hard all my lifetime so give me some dues, O’Brien won’t you give me a Chevrolet Cruze

  • dennis olson

    It would would great to save all those “scents” on the way to the bank!!!

  • Ashley Reid

    I would do something funny for your show if i win!!!

  • Jennifer Tanner

    I’ve never owned a pine air freshner ever,my friends have had them,family, but for some reason never have I been given a pine air freshner so this was fate. The time is now, and if the car gets thrown in to the deal all the better ….mmmmm pine

  • cynthia smith

    our cars are 13 & 14 years old and showing signs of there would be wonderful to win a cruze as we cant aford to buy a new one. the smith family.

  • Grace Statuto

    My grandson is starting college in Jan. and has no transportation to get a part time job to help pay for school.
    His birthday is in February, What a Gift this would be.

  • jeffrey jasenovec

    i have relatives in acting, directing ,writing a script for snl and made a movie with one of conans old girl friend that was on his new tbs show. i need air fresh tree smell to keep the dogs away and want to attrack women while iam crusing down the north pole.dont worry ill find a poor woman that will think iam rich in that new fast sled. make sure its red and i have the presents for the kids. ty santa jeff . p.s. mrs claus left me for a guy name coco.just my luck.a red nose red head and has no ass to kick. coco is now on my deer dropping list.

  • vivian matteson

    I know my email address is real creative Ha Ha I am so glad to see you on the air because my nights were getting really boring. I was even more surprised to see that you were giving away ose cool Air fresheners which I use always and I just Love that carrying case That goes with it Im hoping to win . Im an old lady not from Pasadena but I still love hot cars and Red Heads

  • vivian matteson

    Me again wishing a red headed Santa could put an air freshener case down my chimney

  • Shanell Benson

    My team (Cowboys) will not be in the Superbowl,Feb. 6th. A brand new car would cheer me up for my birthday,Feb. 6th!!! THANKS.


    NEED A CRUZE!!!!!


    I really NEED an air freshener!! Could use a Cruze too!

  • johnny sniffen

    I’d use the pine tree air freshener for a christmas tree and use its carrying case to cruze.

  • Shanell Benson

    My favorite air fresher is the New Car scent,but pine smells good as long as the carrying case comes along with it.

  • Julia Dorey

    It sure would be nice to have to win a cruze to put that air fresher in .. Single mom needs a good car since mine keeps breaking down just can”t afford to put any more money into this car HELP!!!!!

  • Thair Ghannam

    yO conan LEME get that car broke hook a brother up lol.i need pine all day yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gime that shit plz.i pay 3 buks for it lol

  • Shanell Benson

    Still waiting on a air freshener & the CRUZ!!!!

  • Shanell Benson

    Still waiting !!!!!

  • Grace Statuto