Custom Mazda RX-8 Sports Lambo Styling

Custom Mazda RX-8 Sports Lambo Styling

Now here’s something you don’t see every day. And be thankful you don’t.

One of Vivid Racing’s customers, Shawn, out in Singapore, sent them over these shots of his Mazda RX-8 sporting a custom widebody conversion and a lot of design cues taken from Lamborghini. In particular there’s a lot of Reventon in the kit, not to mention a front end that resembles the Estoque sedan concept.

Modifications aren’t limited to the body either, with a nice set of Prodrive forged wheels and some AP Racing brakes.

GALLERY: Lamborghini-Styled Mazda RX-8

vivid_mazda_rx8_1.jpg vivid_mazda_rx8_3.jpg vivid_mazda_rx8_4.jpg

[Source: Vivid Racing Blog]

  • Anne

    Does not look that bad. Looks pretty sleek and fresh ! Better than looking at all the similar looking rx-8 out there. So many well known companies copy from each other. Not mentioning the recent supra that copies to be a bently.
    Only thing i see copied here is the side like the reventon. Come to think of it, that is one of the car that has a nice side detailing (beside the Mp4-12).
    Kudos to the owner! hope to see this sharp design incorporated in the future rx-9!

  • doug

    OMG please tell me where i can get this, i want an rx8 but im tryiing to figure out what bodykit i want on it, this would be PERFECT! please let me know where u got this kit

  • nick

    yes if this kit is 4 sale plz let me know would love to purchas this

  • Balkasam


  • Joanne MC

    i want one !!!

    Coolest rx8 in Singapore and maybe the world!

  • Thein Tun Aung (yangon)

    I also want one of the rx8 because mazda trade mark is brought by me, but there is no proof by showing it and some unseen things (good things) knew about it.