DeLorean Biopic Could Star George Clooney

DeLorean Biopic Could Star George Clooney

The story of John Z. DeLorean reads like a movie script, and that is probably why Hollywood is looking to make a movie about it.

The man behind such greats as the original Pontiac GTO and the Firebird, went on to make his own car, and with a little help from Government funding, started the factory in Northern Ireland of all places.

However, money was still tight and to raise capital for his struggling car company, DeLorean was caught in a drug trafficking scandal, from which he was later acquitted.

Despite the troubles, the DMC-12 did go into production, and also became the star of one of the biggest movie franchises ever, the “Back to the Future” trilogy.

Now it looks like a movie on the life and times of Mr. DeLorean are in the works. According to Forbes magazine, the movie idea has been kicking around since 1997, but now it seems to be picking up speed. Stephen Wynne, the current boss of DeLorean Motor Company (which is now based out of Texas), has hinted talks with none other than George Clooney to play the lead role. A big name like Clooney would certainly help move the project along, and he does also have more than a glancing resemblance to Mr. DeLorean.

Everything seems to still be in speculation stage at the moment, but lets hope this story makes it to the big screen in the near future.

[Source: Forbes]

  • Miss J. Spielberg

    I think George Clooney would do a great job as the lead character. He is not only a talented actor, but a smart man too. George is the total package when it comes to acting, directing and producing movies. I have had the pleasure of studying his work product for some time now….about ten years. I would be honored to have him in any of my future independent film projects where he would be appropriate for a leading role. George please keep up the good work and I look forward to our paths crossing on future ventures in film and humanitarian causes. Incidentally, I wrote a letter to President Obama to show support for the Sudan Project Now cause. I hope it was well received by the White House. Willing to hold any town hall meetings on the local level if needed. Good luck with everything George and God blessings bestowed upon you always.


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