Dodge Viper Will Return in 2012 Says Dodge Brand CEO

Dodge Viper Will Return in 2012 Says Dodge Brand CEO

Dodge brand CEO Ralf Gilles has confirmed that the Viper will return in 2012 as a 2013 model year car.

Dodge recently ceased production of its halo sports car, while continuing on with certain development aspects, eventually showing a concept car to dealers at a recent national dealer meeting.

Gilles commented that the new Viper, “is not based on anything else,” and that, “There won’t be a part of the car that’s untouched.” That being said, the new Viper may do away with the previous model’s 6.4-liter V10 engine.

Gilles didn’t rule out the use of an engine from it’s new parent company Fiat, which owns Ferrari, but said the next Viper won’t just borrow a powerplant. He did say that the long hood with the cabin near the rear of the car would change.

Previous reports had suggested the car would just be a version of the Alfa Romeo 8C (itself based on the same chassis as the Ferrari California and Maserati GranTurismo), and while there will be some similarities, the proportions will be different.

The goal, says Gilles, will be to make the Dodge brand’s new halo model more accessible. That being said, it will be easier to drive and more forgiving – including having, for the first time, stability control.

[Source: The Detroit News]

  • brad martin

    i think this new style and power will transform the modern sports car…..i own a 2005 dodge viper srt 10 four door pickup and i hope the truck returns as well

  • Timothy A Whalen

    I would love to see a rear engine hypercar Viper that would be as low maintenance as the current Vipers. No engine out services, no 30k services with very expensive fees and parts, no 25k dollar brake jobs. That would hopefully include a return to ALMS and Le Mans 24-hours racing. There’s just something VERY attractive for me about a rear to mid engined sports car as fast as the Ferrari FXX amd Enzo.

  • jeff nohre

    really, the current dodge viper is way overpriced for what you end up with. a hot, uncomfortable 95,000 car that gets 10 miles per gallon. in reality dodge has made many better and more realistically priced hotrods. I have seen the people brag up the viper so much and say that most vipers are bought by the viper club of america. doesn’t that strike you as odd that if the car is so great why are only a few people buying it? do you remember beany babys??? would you want to have all your money invested in vintage vipers when the new FIAT MID ENGINED VIPER comes out and for half the money blows the doors off the old obsolete viper? because that is what is going to happen.

  • Kim Peterson

    Over price my butt. I have owned three Dodge Vipers, currently have two. Over priced no way. If you have ever owned one you would know it. There is nothing like it in America. Corvette poue, dont come close. I can get 21 mpg going to Florida on the expresway, 12 sec quarter mile, 0-60 in 4 seconds. Airconditioned, power windows,music, what more do you need. And all made in America by union labor God love it.

  • Bobby Appleton

    I have owned 29 Vettes. Very good cars. I am into my 4th Viper. 1994 RT10
    99 RT10,98 GTS Hennessey Venom,now a 05 VCA SRT10. Vipers are not for everyone. Just like a Harley. As far as old Vipers go they still are nice.I dout Jeff has every owned a Viper. As the old saying goes if you have nothing good to say, do not write anything. For me I enjoy all cars. Will I buy a New Viper? No I enjoy my 05. But looking foward to seeing the New Viper. I am 73 yrs. old Enjoy Life

  • Raymond

    why would they change the viper apperence it better like it was if they change its gonna look ugly and its not even gonna look like one and side muffler are way better then the back one is ir rlee nessarry to make it like thwe alfa they ugly sorry and so are massrtti i perfer the viper to stay the way it look cuz no one gonna want to but if it look like one of the extotic crap leave it only stop think about the apperence and forcus on the engine please. i love the dodge viper but u guys havent one shit these years sorry it the truth

  • Josh

    Leave the vipers design alone ima die hard mopar fan cus its american made and can take on anything if yall turn it into a friggin eroupian lookin thing your sales will go down the viper should stay with the v10 it aint made for a daily driver its made for a race car if anything make it faster all you should do is give it a lil stability and keep it as it used to be thats dodges super car and it should stay that way.

  • carl

    I own a 1994 rt10 viper and I have owned all types of sport cars over the years. I am proud to own a viper and I wish they would leave the looks alone. I love Dodge I own a 2009 dodge challenger also but I get a lots of looks with my viper being custom.Looking to buy a ACR Some day soon.

  • Jimmy Knopf

    I owned a lot of cars during my life and, even my heart was always beating for classical US “Big Block” cars, I bought always european cars, like Ferrari, Audi, AMG, e.g. since… yeah since I bought my first Viper SRT 10 RSI twin turbo!
    To make it short… there is nothing available on the road, giving me the same emotional feeling like this car.
    – other, more economic cars? for sure!!!
    – faster cars (one round on a racetrack)? yes, maybe!!!
    – cheaper cars? for sure!!!
    – more exclusive cars? yes!!!
    – “better” cars? yes, depends on what you`re looking!!!

    But no other car giving you such an emotional feeling like the VIPER!
    No other car gave me this feeling of “endless” power and I know what I`m talking about, because I`m allowed to drive it without any speedlimit here in Germany. And believe me… I enjoy every mile on the road!!!

    Vipers are not for everyone to drive (like Harleys are not for everyone to ride!)!!!

    You simply LOVE IT, or you don`t!!!

    Personally I can say it`s awful, insentient and mad… but I will never ever sell it because I simply love the raw simplicity, power and masculine beauty of this car!!!

  • Pete Gruber

    I have owned a Ferrari 308 GTSI since ’84, a four speed 69 Roadrunner since ’95, a ’71 Cuda since ’99, a black 68 Charger with custom 6 pack hood, and last year, I bought a black 2008 ACR Viper. All the cars in my stable are different and unique, and all are in your face getting massive attention.

    The ACR, after headers and exhaust upgrades and a racing ECM is the most powerful of my cars. I am active in the local Lamborghini and Ferrari clubs and participate in many Arizona runs. The ACR, although less expensive than most, not only keeps up, but kicks ass dominating the front of the pack every run. Down deep, all the guys in the Eura-car clubs respect an all-out American car built by UAW workers that reminds them of the muscle car glory days and their roots.

    Detroit is not dead…it took one last swing and hit it out of the park!