El Camino Rumored to Return as Part of GM’s Larger RWD Plan

El Camino Rumored to Return as Part of GM’s Larger RWD Plan

The death of the Pontiac brand, and subsequently the G8 sports sedan, also marked the end of the rumored Pontiac G8 ST. The ST was said to be a version of the Holden Ute (above), and the spiritual successor to the famed El Camino.

According to several sources familiar with GM’s product plans the automaker may still look to introduce the pickup car in the U.S., under the Chevy brand and using the El Camino name. The vehicle’s future is, however, conditional and based on a larger RWD plan for GM – with continued rumors indicating a Holden RWD sedan will make it here eventually.

If GM moves ahead with plans to bring the Holden Ute to the U.S., look for it in 2014 as a 2015 model year car, or truck, or… whatever.

[Source: Jalopnik]

What do you think? Should Chevy bring back the El Camino? Or are you still having nightmares about the Subaru Baja?

  • jeaux

    I’d buy 2, in a heartbeat!!!!!!!

  • John

    One of them would look very nice sitting next to my 09′ G8 GT.

  • chuck passmore

    I owned four El Camino’s over the course of ten years. I bought a new silverado short bed when the salesman said the S-10 replaced it. Not in GM’s wildest dreams! They have style, practicality and performance. I would buy a new one in a minute!

  • Chris Wall

    please please please
    Im ready to move to Australia so i can buy one.
    i will be Buying a new car in 2 years and i want an El Camino to be it!

  • mike fleharty

    i have owned 5 El Caminos over a 40 year span and i would buy one of these if it was named El Camino. An SS package would be neat with some performance upgrades. I say bring it back–it will sell.

  • Eric Ortiz

    Please import a 21st century El Camino.
    I could really use a pick-up truck type vehicle, but would not be caught dead with a pick-up on my driveway. I was so disappointed when they cancelled the Pontiac G8 ST. The main difference between the Subaru Baja or Chevy SSR and the Holden Ute/El Camino is the Ute has a usable bed. It would be a tad bit easier to own one of than to hook up a u-haul to my Buick Riviera every time I have to make a delivery.

  • Peb456

    I would order an El Camino tomorrow if it was available

  • Peberardi

    Yes the El Camino offered by the new GM can prosper if fuel economy like the impala has can be maintained.  With the Avalanche leaving GM needs the truck/car.  They must understand that if it’s anything like the LTZ Impala, it will be a winner

  • Jools74

    Oh my god this would be awesome if were the same as my Impala.  I will order one right away if it’s called an El camino.  please please please, bring them to US.  You’re bring in the Impala next year from Holden, just do it please

  • Sdoody1

    Hey New GM, listen up, your customers want the El Camino back.  I recently learned the Avalanche is leaving the line, you guys are crazy!!!  Bring this into the US in its place then. Give it some fun stuff and a sport model, offer a tow hitch package. 

  • Fred

    all i drive is Elco’s

  • Dr Louis Choquette

    I would love to see an El Camino version of the 2014 Chevy SS, but I would want it to be powered by the upcoming diesel that will be used in the 2013 Chevy Cruze. I know the the Cruze is FWD but to make this combination work for a pickup truck, it would have to have some sort of RWD. I think a RWD diesel powered El Camino would sell very well because it would have the advantages of good torque and MPG that a diesel offers and good hauling potential because it would have the truck bed load over the rear wheels for good traction.

  • Eric

    bring the El Camino back

  • harper

    I love driving my 78, and have patiently waited since the release of the Malibu for the return of the El Camino!

  • Robert

    Bring back the ElCamino but use the 80’s body style.It was clean and crisp.

  • wendell

    Can i order mine now, I have an 86 El Camino to trade in,