Ferrari 458 GT2 Race Car Spied Testing at Fiorano

Ferrari 458 GT2 Race Car Spied Testing at Fiorano

First came the debut of the 458 Italia, Ferrari‘s replacement for the F430. Then came the Challenge version, a dedicated track machine for use in the Italian automaker’s gentleman driving series.

We’re still expecting some sort of street version of the Challenge model in a few years time, but until then Ferrari is prepping a new GT2-spec race car to compete in Le Mans-style endurance racing.

Just such a car, the Ferrari 458 GT2, was recently spied testing at Fiorano test track and according to the team at Axis of Oversteer that car will actually be limited to 470-hp, rather than the 563-hp it makes in street trim. It will also use a 6-speed sequential transmission, rather than the new dual-clutch unit Ferrari has equipped its road car with.

Due to new rules by the ACO sanctioning body, the 458 GT2 will not only make 30-hp less than the F430 GT2, but it will also gain 60 lbs of weight. The new rules, presumably, are an effort to make the series ever so slightly more accessible to teams without massive amounts of funding.

Hopefully we’ll get to see the 458 GT2 competing in this year’s ALMS series.

[Source: Axis of Oversteer]

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    And Corvette will still shame Ferrari at 1/3 the price…