First Chevrolet Volt Auctioned Off for $225,000

First Chevrolet Volt Auctioned Off for $225,000

The auction for the first Chevrolet Volt has come to an end, with the winning bidder putting up $225,000 for what might be a very lucrative investment.

And while its future value might be unknown, what is certain is that the $225,000 isn’t going to be wasted with the proceeds going to the Detroit Public Schools Foundation in support of Science, Technology, Math and Engineering.

Starting at $50,000 the price climbed almost immediately to $185,000 before stagnating and finally settling just shy of a quarter million. We have to admit being a little disappointed that such a revolutionary car failed to attract the attention it deserves, but perhaps that’s a sign of what the market really thinks about the future of alternative energy.


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