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 |  Dec 16 2010, 3:21 PM

We have to think that Nissan corporate didn’t sign-off on the decision to have Michael Vick appear in a commercial for its Woodbury Nissan dealership.

Then again, the star QB for the Philadelphia Eagles will certainly bring the New Jersey dealership plenty of publicity and sales – just probably not from dog lovers.

To be honest, the ads are pretty funny and Vick seems to have won back the loyalty of critics through by proving his worth on the field.

Check out the video after the jump:

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  • Lisa Merriam

    Michael Vick’s brand is slowly getting rehabilitated. With all the free publicity, Nissan is getting its money’s worth: http://bit.ly/frEn3P

  • Lauren E

    Dog lover? That’s like saying Hitler loved Jews! It’s disgusting that this Nissan dealership would stand behind this poor excuse for a human being.

  • Sean Hill

    Lauren E. It was sarcasm….get over it the guy has paid his debt to society.