Ford Denies Focus Coupe Rumors, But Wants to Hear from You

Ford Denies Focus Coupe Rumors, But Wants to Hear from You

Contrary to recent reports, Ford is denying that a Focus Coupe is in the works, crushing any hopes for a concept car that was rumored to debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

Mark Schirmer of Ford’s communications department posted on the official Ford Focus Facebook page that, “I can tell you right now — and the coupe lovers hate to hear this — but there are no plans for this model.”

However, Schirmer, then goes on to ask for input, suggesting that (as always) Ford would be open to the idea if there was a demand for the product. “What do you think: Honestly, is there volume in the coupe market anymore, or is five-door hatchback the way to go?” he writes.

What do you think? Should Ford build a Focus Coupe? Leave us a comment.

[Source: FordFocus Facebook Page]

  • Rob

    Heck yes they should make the coupe! I like the 4 door Focus but I would much rather have the coupe. I always kick myself for not buying the CRX twenty years ago and this would be the closest modern day replacement. I’d be more than happy to trade my Mustang for one.

  • Brian

    It’s rather simple to me… build the coupe and put the 3.5 E. Boost motor in it,so Ford Fans here in North America can finally have our own true “RS version” to play with. Do we really have to wait for a full decade for it?