Ford FPV Falcon GT Rumored for the U.S.; Rear-Drive Supercharged V8 and All

Ford FPV Falcon GT Rumored for the U.S.; Rear-Drive Supercharged V8 and All

Fans of rear-drive domestic performance sedans suffered a blow when General Motors decided to close the Pontiac brand and cease importing the rebadged Holden Commodore as the G8. While rumors continue to suggest GM will bring back a rear-drive Australian-sourced performance machine, they may have to act fast as a recent report suggests Ford may look to imitate the Holden/Pontiac strategy.

According to one Australian outlet, the Blue Oval may look ‘down under’ to its Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) division in order to source a version of the rear-drive Falcon GT – complete with a new supercharged 5.0-liter V8 that makes 449-hp and 420 ft-lbs of torque.

FPV is eager to expand its offerings and former Ford Australian president Bill Osborne already admitted a plan was underway to export the cars to China and the Middle East. For Ford of Australia the rewards could be huge, with Holden’s sale of the Pontiac G8 in the U.S. doubling production of the car globally.

Ford is currently promoting a global vehicle strategy that will not only see mainstream cars like the Fiesta and Focus created to be sold in all markets, but will also focus on utilizing the company’s performance vehicles in regional markets. Ford’s VP of global marketing, Jim Farley, recently commented that the automaker intends to put a focus on rear-drive models for the U.S. market.

Farley recently told AutoGuide that more special ‘regional’ performance vehicles are set to debut in the U.S. in the near future.


  • Chris

    PLEASE FORD GODS!! MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!! I’ll sell off my G8GT for this in a heart beat. Honestly I love V8’s, but the 3.5 EcoBoost would be OK too… Just allow us to have a manual transmission, and price it right.

  • Pontiac G8 Owner

    @ Chris


  • Chris

    I must also mention that I would sell my son to own this car.

  • Christopher Price

    You’re not being a traitor to point out that GM will lose customers by ignoring the Pontiac audience. At that’s basically what we’ve been saying all along.

    The real issue is how will GM respond. Will they bring Pontiac back as a niche to fuel struggling Buick-GMC dealers, or will they try to shoehorn the G8 into a Chevy and Buick?

    Or, worse, GM could scrap those plans. Ford is talking Fusion SHO while Malibu and Cruze don’t even have an SS option.

  • Coop

    that is 1 sweet look’n ride. my parent’s bought a 1963&1/2 falcon brand new. it had a 260v8 & 3 on the tree stick shift. my dad loved that, even after a drunk driver ran a red lite & totaled our falcon. luckily no 1 was injured or killed (except 4 the falcon), but my dad never got over lose’n that car. what a present that would b if it came back n production

  • dpartinvr4

    GM is going to re badge the G8 and bring it back as the Chevelle SS