Ford Mustang Most Searched New Car of 2010 at

Ford Mustang Most Searched New Car of 2010 at

Perhaps its a sign that the economy is recovering, or maybe it’s just escapism, but the most searched new car at for the past year is none other than the Ford Mustang. That’s right, not the ever-popular Ford F-150 or Toyota Camry (one a work truck, the other an appliance), but the iconic American sports car. And while the F-150 did come second, the Camry ranks fifth for 2010, behind the Chevrolet Silverado in 4th place and the Mustang-rivaling Camaro (which is poised to out-sell the pony car in 2010) in 3rd.

Of the Top 20 most searched new cars as listed in the November Trend Engine report (which also tallies results for the year as a whole), Ford claims a total of four positions. GM brands also score four spots, while both Honda and Chrysler (including Dodge and Jeep) each have three vehicles on the list.

For the Top 20 most searched used vehicle for 2010, the list includes many of the same names, with some shuffling going on. The biggest change is the ranking of the BMW 3 Series, which is listed as 2nd.

A notable trend that’s obvious from the report is the resurgence in popularity of trucks and SUVs. For the month of November, the Ford F-150 takes up the top spot, with the Chevy Silverado 1500 in 4th and the Dodge Ram 1500 in 5th.

See the complete Top 20 Most Searched Vehicles lists after the jump:

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    MAKE        MODEL            Rank
    Ford        Mustang               1
    Ford        F-150                 2
    Chevrolet   Camaro                3
    Chevrolet   Silverado 1500        4
    Toyota      Camry                 5
    BMW         3-Series              6
    Dodge       Ram 1500              7
    Honda       Civic                 8
    Honda       Accord                9
    Ford        F-250                10
    Jeep        Wrangler             11
    Chevrolet   Corvette             12
    Toyota      Corolla              13
    Honda       CRV                  14
    Volkswagen  Jetta                15
    GMC         Sierra 1500          16
    Ford        Fusion               17
    Hyundai     Sonata               18
    Nissan      Altima               19
    ------      ------              ---
    Dodge       Challenger           20
    -----       ----------          ---

    MAKE        MODEL            Rank
    Ford        F-150                 1
    BMW         3-Series              2
    Chevrolet   Silverado 1500        3
    Ford        Mustang               4
    Ford        F-250                 5
    Honda       Accord                6
    Dodge       Ram 1500              7
    Jeep        Wrangler              8
    Honda       Civic                 9
    Chevrolet   Tahoe                10
    Infiniti            G35/37       11
    Chevrolet   Silverado 2500       12
    Dodge       Ram 2500             13
    Toyota      Tacoma               14
    Nissan      Altima               15
    BMW         5-Series             16
    Jeep        Grand Cherokee       17
    Toyota      Tundra               18
    Audi        A4                   19
    ----        ---                 ---
    Ford        Explorer             20
    ----        --------            ---