Ford Windstar Rear Axle Failure Recall the Subject of ABC News Report [Video]

Ford Windstar Rear Axle Failure Recall the Subject of ABC News Report [Video]

The recent death of a Massachusetts man has put the spotlight on the Ford Motor Company and its handling of the recall of its Windstar minivan. The van itself was recalled back in August due to rear axles that could snap. The vans date from 1998 to 2003 and initially Ford was reluctant to issue the recall (as was the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) as Ford insisted it wasn’t a safety issue.

The death of Sean Bowman, however, is certainly challenging that assertion and thanks to an ABC News report highlighting the family’s tragedy we now have some pretty shocking video of just what could happen when a rear axle breaks. The official government test video clearly shows just how dramatic and dangerous a snapping rear axle could be, with the side stability bars used on the car the only things preventing it from rolling over.

The death of Sean Bowman has caused Ford to reexamine the Windstar recall, and even expand it to include 37,000 move vehicles, including those in Utah – which are at risk due to extreme corrosion caused by road salt.

UPDATE: NHTSA is now investigating the Windstar for rusting subframe issues. Click here to read the story.

See the video after the jump:

  • Kathy

    Hi Gordy – Can’t remember if you have a Windstar. In case you do, I wanted to send this along to you.

  • ubaid

    i am disaapointed with ford. I took the Van to the dealer and in less than 30 minutes he called me to say that the Axle was fine and he applied some sealant. I am still not sure how he was able to do it.

  • Mom in danger

    just called the dealership and it will be two weeks before they can look at my van. They are going to keep it for 24 hours if its not cracked they will spray some hardener on it then repaint it…wtf?
    If it is cracked they said they will send us to enterprise and we will have to pay for insurance and sales tax on a rental vehicle.
    This all sounds stupid and I don’t have the money to pay for Fords stupid mistake!

  • David

    I called made the appointment and 6.5 hours later I had it back with 2 braces on with one on either side of the axel not sure if its cracked but I have support braces on my axel…

  • Judy M

    My windstar has been at the dealer ship since Oct 2010 they orginally told me it would be repaired by early Jan 2011. When I went to enterprise today, they informed me that I don’t have to pay the sales tax any longer and would receive a refund for one month of the taxes. I was very pleased for that, but do wonder why not for the entire time. I am on a limited strict budget so this was hard for me to come up with the $80 extra dollars a month.

  • gh

    they should of recalled this a long long time ago. because now people are DYING!!!!! this isn’t right i mean come on this long? stupid ford. i should of got the ford freestar.

  • Dana

    I have had my van in and inspected, they said there was no cracks but the axle was rusted. So it was fine………. So my question is… what happens if it cracks 6 months from now or next year???

  • Delores L

    My windstar has been in the dealership since Sept.2010.First they said it would be a month, it has now been almost 4 months. I have a rental car and I just keep renewing it, each month. I just read that the front upper control arm is under investigation,but it is not a recall as yet according to Ford. I don’t know if this vehicle is safe. They tried to convince me to buy a NEW car, but who has $400.00 a month. My vehicle only has 57000 miles on it and 4 brand new tires, about a month old. What is the solution, will this be a safe car to drive?

  • mar

    We live in Utah. Took my van in to dealer for recall in October and was told we weren’t involved in the recall. Three weeks ago, as I was pulling out of a parking lot with my three kids, my rear axle broke apart. I had just exited an interstate where we were traveling at least 60mph. Two weeks prior, my young daughter and I had taken a road trip where the speed limit is often 80mph. I had the van towed to the dealer where they informed me the recall had recently been expanded to include Utah. I received my recall notice 3 days after my axle broke.

    My sister, also owns a Windstar in Utah, immediately took her van in for inspection and hers was also cracked. We are both in rentals which Ford is covering and our vans are parked at the dealer with no estimate of a fix beyond “first quarter of 2011.”

    We bought this van because of its safety rating. Ford is grossly mishandling this problem and needs to make the recall mandatory and take more aggressive action to get these vans off the road immediately.

  • Jason s.

    I am a ford technician in canada and in the past 2 months I have inspected 100+ Windstars for the recall, a 6 inch portion on both sides of the rear axle is cleaned of paint/undercoat/rust to inspect for signs of cracking, have yet to find one with cracks (In alberta we do not use salt on our roads), Im sure in more easternly province and parts of the USA that use salt will have more cases with cracked axles due to increasing rust on the frame and axles.
    If there is no cracks present there are re-inforcement brackets installed with 2 part epoxy, then repainted.
    The epoxy must sit for a minimum of 45 mins (depending on the shop ambient temperature) Up here its cold right now and the epoxy isnt even curing overnight. vehicle must be in the air with wheels off the ground as that epoxy cures.
    This is causing such a pain in the ass, Ford only pays 1.8hrs for this repair and it usually takes that much time just to clean the axle and have it ready to install the brackets, then it must sit over night for curing time on the epoxy. I hate ford just as much as all of the unsatisfied customers.
    Also ford is only paying 1.2hours for axle replacement if there is cracked present, Book labour time for a rear axle replacement is over 3.5 hours. Not only are customers getting screwed over there mistake, technicians doing repairs are getting it even worse.

  • Colum Wood


    That’s brutal. So are you not getting paid for the extra time? Or is Ford corporate paying the first 1.8 hours and your dealer has to pay the rest?

    More info would be much appreciated.


  • Laura

    I live in Indiana. Our rear axle broke a few days ago while at a low rate of speed. My sons had just come back a couple of days before from a trip to Michigan. I use the minivan daily to take the kids to school and for traveling for sports. It makes me ill to think of what could have happened. We called Ford and at first were told to bring the minivan in the next day. My husband told them the van was being towed on a flatbed and was already on its way. Ford did call Enterprise and they have set me up with a rental, but there is no time frame on when the axle will be repaired. The Enterprise man drove to the back of the Ford dealership and showed me a line of approx 25 minivans that were all waiting for new rear axles, some for at least a couple of months. He told me his understanding was that the company that made the axles was closed and they were having to find someone else to produce them.

  • yank

    I took my ford 2000 windstar in today and it passed the axle test , I have to drive south because my grandpa died , I am scared. I drove it to Tennessee went up to the pentacle and on the way down I smelled Electric, I’ve had to put a transmission in it a few new belts because I was told it was Belt problem by Jerry’s cost me 260 the first time and I had to take it back , Jerry laughed and said OH You got the wrong belt ,I went out one day and my van sounded like a million pissed off rats going nuts I took it back to Jerry’s and he put soap on a paint brush and put it on the belt. It cost me two hundred fifty that time, I kept getting the dead battery and the nasty sound so I took it to Fudges they put another belt on it . So I took it to Fudges they put the right belt on . No sound but he battery kept dying over and over so I bought a Jumper . Then the electric stopped working right the doors windows locks went tits up. RECALL , cruse control they fixed it. Then I got the rear axle they said they fixed it, TIME WILL TELL!

  • jeana

    i watched this video and cried at my computer.. i was traveling about 65-70 mph when my first axle broke thru.. 45 mph when my second axle broke thru. that van tried to kill me twice and i WILL NOT drive it again! i will leave it abandoned at the dealership where it has been sitting for the last 4 months with the brake lines and gas lines most likely corroding if i have to. ford is completely giving people the shaft with buybacks and rentals and someone higher up should be doing something about this!

  • Andy

    Just picked up my 2002 Windstar from the dealership, I had the axle inspection due to recall 10S13. The procedure; they took a GRINDER to my axle to clean it up so they could get a better look at it. They found no cracks.

    Grinding metal makes it thinner so therefore less strong. My questions; 1)Would my ground axle still pass FORD’s tolerances at the assembly line? 2) Would my axle crack sooner now that it is weaker/thinner?

    Does FORD Know what they are doing?

  • Barbara

    The first of Sept 2010 my son was changing my fuel pump when he noticed a crack in the rear axle ,he looked it up on the internet to see what it would cost to change it when he saw the recall. He told me good news was the fuel pump is fixed but you can not drive it because the axle is broken more than half way thru. I had it towed to the ford dealer ,have a received a recall letter and nothing else. I was put into a rental veh but nothing was ever said about tax. Ins yes tax no. I do not intend on paying anything to have this fixed it is not the consumers fault that the veh is faulty. So now I am going on 5 months waiting for the veh to be repaired or get paid off. I certainly hope they plan on paying what the veh booked at in 2010.

  • WendyStar

    We are conducting research on the problem of broken and cracked axles in Ford Windstars from model years 1998 to 2003. You can read the results of some of our research by going to: If you have experienced this problem, and you have contacted Ford Motor Company or the dealership about it, we’d like to speak with you. You can contact us at:

  • gianni

    i had my mini van rear axle inspected and didn’t believe it was a thorough inspection. Before the van was recalled, I had read some complaints online in regard to cracking rear axles. These complaints all indicate that the axle rusts from the inside out. The service manager explained that the inspections consist of sand blasting three specific places on the outside of the axle and visibly looking for rust.
    Doe anyone else feel that this is an inadequate inspection for a part as large as an axle and for a part that rusts from the inside?


    Ford made the stupidest mistake ever!!!!
    I cant believe Ford did this stupid RECALL now that they shouldev done A LONG TIME AGO!!

  • mission impossible

    I am thoroughly disgusted with the fact first of all; that there
    are apparently not only the rear axle defect, but the subframe,
    and currently being investigated the front axle defect.
    yet I have recieved only one recall letter from the ford motor company
    of Canada, for the rear axle. Date of letter october 25,2010.
    As the seriousness was not indicated on the letter of that date;I was waiting
    to bring the vehicle in, warmer weather.
    Only today..after my vehicle has has disturbing play in steering..and
    right side, did I look up and found complaints here similiar to mine.
    I contacted Ford in Fort Frances Ontario…a manipulating session to
    say the least. They would not accomodate me with a vehicle while they
    had to keep my vehicle over night, when in fact the recall letter states
    half the day.I never had a problem getting a vehicle when I had to
    get repairs done, paying out of my own pocket! But today! since they
    now have to pay a high price for a cheaply made vehicle..they would
    not accomodate me. I called the ford motor company today, and spoke
    with a customer service woman, who claimed she would call ford in fort
    frances Ontario, and rectify the situation. She called me back within
    5- 10 minutes claiming they have a rental car for me, for the inspection
    time. unfortunately she continued…but we will only pay 43 dollars per
    day for the rental car, the rest of the cost is up to you. To me??????
    That was for the inspection period over night (where they inspect and apply glue if they don’t find a crack?) omg….gluing a car together..
    fascinating aspect isn’t it??? I am disgusted.
    the 43 dollars also is the amount they will only pay if the rear axle
    is cracked and the time for repairs for that is not known, depending if
    they have the parts available.
    I inquired with the car rental company today..with taxes the cost of
    renting a care would be 90.38 per day!!!
    I told them they are responsible for any cost incurring for a vehicle
    manufacturer defect!
    They refused to rectify the situation, and due to their misconduct..
    have forced me to drive at risk with my family.
    I must add that when speaking with the woman, whose name and timeof
    placed call has been documented; I feel compelled to share a comment
    made by her.When I told her that there had been a death, and accidents
    on account of the rear axle, her response…was…’There was only one
    death’ I wonder how the poor woman who lost her husband would feel about
    that comment.
    I suggest anyone who is paying for anything including gas for a rental
    car to stop doing it!! This is the responsibility of Ford.
    I won’t stop fighting this, I hope you all will not either!

  • mission impossible

    to edit the above, the woman (customer service representitive)
    actually stated in regards to the 43 dollar cost they would
    put towards a rental; that it was a new letter they just sent
    out lweek prior to today. In another breathe during the telephone
    conversation, she stated 3 days ago we sent the letter out to
    the dealerships! ??????????
    she then told me on your recall letter it should say we pay only
    the 43 dollars. I was left a little dumbfounded as I stated that
    is funny, cause the recall letter was written to me october 25,2010.
    We initially purchased a safe vehicle(as we thought) Is it not up
    to Ford to ensure our safety NOw!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ken

    Live in Pa. Had my 2002 Windstar rear axle recall checked on Dec 23 2010 at Keyser Miller Ford in Collegeville, Pa. My receipt states” Rear Axle Inspection/Repair Inspected and resealed rear axle”. However on Feb 4 2011, I took my van in to Ciocca Ford in Quakertown, PA for the front subframe recall. They kept my van overnight so the spit and bailing twine fix could cure. Here is what my receipt now said “Completed Recall 10S13, inspected rear axle for cracks and corrosion. No cracks or corrosion found. Grinded down area for brackets, sprayed rear axle with brake clean put up brackets tightened down all nuts and bolts. sprayed gaps and cracks in holes next to rear axle. let sit overnight then sprayed on anti corrosion sealant all ok at this time.” How can a rear axle not have cracks and then have cracks in the next sentence???? This receipt also stated the following on the front sub frame recall. “Completed Recall 11S16. Inspected front subframe for racks and separation. Found to be cracked, but not separation. Passes Inspection. All OK” Someone needs to explain how it can have cracks,which is the REASON for this recall, but it passes inspection? I have driven this van with many other mechanical problems, which I have been very unhappy with. Transmissions in these vans are also a major problem. I have three young children that I drive around. I am very concerned and scared for their safety as well as my own. A life was lost. Ford needs to be responsible for buying back all these dangerous vans. I think a class action lawsuit needs to be started immediately.

  • mission impossible

    In total agreeance with ken, ford is offering contradictions to deter
    customers’ in order to save them any expenses. It seems the more
    customers’ that want to bring in their vehicles; the less they will
    pay each time(as mentioned in detail in my above post)
    I have contacted gov’t offices, awaiting responses.
    A class action law suit would be the most adequate way to ensure
    we are driving safe vehicles, as well as ensure we are not put
    through a maize of deception by way of manipulation and contradictions,
    on the part of Ford.

    In Canada this is a government issued recall.The ford company took
    several years, until a death occured to comply with the rear axle
    I am sitting here with my hands tied,
    Ford has made this mission impossible for me. I can’t even bring
    my vehicle in,need a form of transportation. If cracked rental vehicle
    will cost me 50.00 a day out of my pocket,for a duration of unknown
    The governments’in canada and U.s. need to step up to the plate
    and put an end to this injustice!
    Ford is presenting themselves to be of a decietful nature, and
    therefore cannot be trusted!
    A government official needs to be present and overlooking every
    complaint and every repair done, to ensure the vehicle is safe.

    We the consumer’ should definetly be compensated for the risk we
    are and have taken due to their manufacture defect.There delay in
    delivering the recall to the consumers’,the absence of recall letters
    (sub frame and front axle) that I myself have not recieved.
    severely coroded brakes, cost me a fine price this recent summer.
    gee aren’t they connected to the other recalled corrosion?
    Is it not apparent that if one part of vehicle was designed inadequate
    and unsafe that the rest of the vehicle was made as cheap? that is why
    an investigation is no ongoing about the front axle. How many accidents
    and/or deaths will have to occur before that recall letter goes out??
    And how many letters will we have to write,How much of our time will
    be taken in worry and frustration over that which is not our responsibility but that of Ford.

    I will also add that the woman from motor ford company here in Canada,
    after addressing my serious concerns over their contradictions ect.
    stated ‘you don’t have to bother bringing your vehicle in’

    Yes indeed we should be compensated for the negligence that Ford
    has presented.Inadequate repairs,long waiting delays,or being deterred
    from having your vehicle inspected at all, as in my case.

    They need to be made to take responsibilty for their actions and

  • m. maaruf hassan

    my coment is that if these electric cars are well suply to the world market then demand and suply of oil may crash. therefore this inovation may lead to another global economic crisis in the future.

  • mission impossible

    they also tried to use the mileage of the vehicle on me.
    When I stated the mileage, which is low for the 2001 windstar,
    they didn’t respond as they could not use the mileage as yet
    another deterrance against me.

    mission in process.

  • laurie torres

    I brought my ford 2002 windstar in last fall for the rear axle recall…They “sprayed” it and told me that I should wait till I recieve a letter then make another appointment and bring it back. Today I went for my appointment and they told me that since the axle wasnt cracked and the seal “seemed” to be holding that I didnt have to come back. However, I was involved in a NEW recall. They told me that if there was in fact problems with my front end that I would have to take a buy back from Ford or sign a waiver in case the vehicle failed and there were injuries. I guess the waiver makes will be so For cant be sued.
    What a choice, We’ve been unemployed over 16 months and are barely making morgage payments now thanks to Ford I ll probly be without a vehicle. You can be sure they arent going to give us enough to cover a new or new/used vehicle..
    What a disaster this is turning out to be.

  • Sandra M.

    We’ve had a rental for the last two months as our 2003 Windstar waits in the dealer lot for a new axle. We are facing all the same issues as the previous posts. But one more item I brought to their attention was that our rental is a new Dodge Caravan. Who is paying the insurance on this if we get into an accident? We were told we are responsible. I’m sure it will cost our insurance company more to cover a new Caravan compared to our 2003 Windstar, so who pays in the long run… Secondly, we were concerned because we have great winter tires on our Windstar but the rental company refuses to put snow tires on and the dealer says they will not put snows on the rental either. Who’s going to pay if we are in an accident due to winter road conditions, I guess we will since it is under our insurance. And what happens if an accident due to winter weather occurs and someone is hurt?Will Ford take responsibility for not providing us with the same safe guard (snow tires) we had on our van.These are just two more items adding to the rest of the injustices.

  • Caer

    I’m putting my post on several “Make a comment” I want as many people as possible to know how Ford treats it’s customers. So sorry if you read this already.

    I HAD a 2003 van with 68,000 miles. Only owner. I did the maintenance required. Was garage kept for the 1st 3 1/2 years. The 1st week of Novemeber the dealer took it and said they would get the part in Jan 2011. They paid for the rental. This week they condemed my van due to the 2nd recall. My buy out is $9,000.00. The catch – the dealer pressured me to sign the papers right away. Once I did, I did NOT get a check. 5-7 days, longer if a week-end was involed, but I had to turn in my rental on Friday no matter what I did. Dealer said it was Corp’s rules. When I called Corp they said it was dealer’s rules. When I asked about the other people from the 1st recall waiting 3 months+ for their checks the reply was yes there were delays for the 1st recall buy out. That could happen again. I asked to please keep my rental until I get my check. They said no. It would cost them too much money. But now it is Friday and I have no car to drive to work or get my kids to school. I also have no idea when I will get my check. NEVER A FORD AGAIN!!! I get the van is unsafe. I get this whole thing was a very bad mistake. What I don’t get is how I had to give Ford a check to leave with my van in March of 2003, but now that they are buying it back they don’t have to give me my check until they get around to it. They papers said they had a fixed time frame for me to keep the rental. What about a fixed time frame to give me my money. Anyone have any ideas???

  • mission impossible

    The stress Ford has caused to many is quite apparent.
    Since my last post, I never quit..I found yet another complaint
    number to call this past monday. Customer relations centre. Althoug
    it was in the same building as the past customer service representatives;
    it was a different department. The woman I spoke with on Monday of this
    past week, apologized for the other respresentatives, who denied me of
    a rental vehicle.She said the ford where I live recieved a letter as I am
    sure would of been sent out in america as well; that they are too provide
    a rental vehicle at no cost to the consumer. She called the ford in ff.ontario, and advised them of the interpretation of the letter sent forth to them recently.
    shortly thereafter, the supervisor of customer services in oakville on.
    same building ..different department number, called me advises me that
    I would not recieve a rental over the cost of 43 dollars per day, and I would pay any cost over.I told her this was rectified that morning,by Kim.She stated ‘she was going to have a talk with Kim’ I told her the
    situation had been rectified by Kim, and that I would hope upon bringing
    my vehicle in for the inspected and repairs (cracked or not cracked axle)
    that I would not have to anticipate a reversal on the resolve just prior
    to michelles(supervisor)’s call to me. I interpreted her call to me as
    nothing less than harassment(seemed like a power trip on her part now)
    I told her this was a harassing phone call, she was mad.
    I called ford in ff. ontario, to verify that the appointment was still on for the next day, and to have them confirm the rental vehicle at no cost to me. They confirmed.
    My rear axle was found to have no cracks, according to them.
    It was sanded down to inspect for cracks, then certain glue applied
    over the axle, then repainted. They also checked by subframe as indicated
    by kim at customer relations, even though I had not recieved the recall
    letter on the front subframe. As kim said it would be coming shortly.
    Ford in ff. said the front sub frame looked fine, but when I do recieve
    the recall letter on that, stablizer bars will be put on as a precautionary measure…hummmmmmmmm..Its been quite a nightmare.
    I was also advised that unless my vehicle had to be kept overnight.
    I would not recieve a rental vehicle!! yet no time limit could be given
    me, to install the stablizer bars, or when the recall letter was coming
    for the front subframe.
    I have yet to check the work they have just done,although in l0 feet of is quite difficult right

    I would advise all persons, with issues with ford to contact a government official office, for consumers’ I had…although I had
    it rectified just previous to them addressing Ford on the issue.

    The consumer is not responsible for fords vehicle safety issues,
    I would advise all to not quit…as I didn’t.I wasn’t going to let
    it stress me out for a lengthy time, I did everything possible to
    have my vehicle properly inspected for safety. as well as providing
    me with a vehicle at ‘no cost to me’
    when the rental place tryto say I was responsible for the insurance,
    I responded with…’AT no cost to me”
    Stick to your guns, do not be manipulated…In order to put an end
    to injustices such as this, you must not quit.

    I am sure there is consumer protection , better business bureau ini the
    states to handle the descrepancies you are having.

    document times and dates of phone calls you have made, and document
    the conversations. save drafts of any complaint letters you send.

    In order to stop this all must do their part, and not react to the
    abuse but take action.
    Send the message that the people will no longer tolerate abuse
    from dealerships, companies ect. over something so serious as
    a recall that could and has endangered the lives of many.

    mission accomplished…so far.

  • mission impossible

    as far as the woman up a post of mine; who signed to a buyout from
    ford, yet didn’t know what she was signing..Tht happens when one
    is put under unnessary stress and manipulation.
    They should be paying what you paid for the vehicle initially, as it
    was unsafe from the start.!
    I would contact ,a gov’t office, and state your case to them..
    what will 9,000 get you for another vehicle?

    It appears that Fords inconsistency is still at work…buy out , no
    buy out, sign this…ect. If they said buy out to me, I would of replied
    with full initial purchase price.
    I believe you still can reverse what you have done, by agreeing after
    so much unnessary stress, due to the safety issue.
    I wish you the best in your case.

  • mission impossible

    just viewed the rear axle done on tuesday of this past week.
    omg..globs of black on right and left side..middle part left
    totally bare,there was paint there before i brought it in, and
    now all grey with rust!!!!
    I think I am getting sick again…I never recieved a recall for
    abs brake light issue, a fire safety issue again! site (ford recall
    for abs brake light issue)
    I just paid a fair amount in the summer about my brakes and the brake
    light and abs light on, severe burning under my vehicle,seizing brakes,

    they took my money this past summer and said nothing about any recall,
    in fact replaced a caliper said that the problem and cleaned my compenants around the brakes… anyone else get or not get this recall
    Just when alice thought she bit the right peice of cake, she shrunk

    my vehicle is still burning underneath, on the site they tell you how
    to check…under the drivers seat…the wires melt..and burn and fire
    is certainly an issue..Ford here in ff. on. told me the one caliper was
    seizing….all fixed!!!

    just when ya thought it was safe to go back in the water!!
    (my front sub frame was not inspected according the the repair
    sheet, which they didn’t want to give me. The rear sub frame is
    a definite issue too..u should see the patch job, gee what happens
    when it cracks in the middle…they just left the rear axle middle
    part bare..

    what the h***is going on???????????????????

  • anthony

    ours is going in shop friday,for both axle&subframe recalls..i had complained about rust on the rear of the sub-frame since we bought it 5 years they re-emburse you for the rental(if needed)or the just supply one to you??

  • shawn watson

    we just got our 2001 windstar back after sitting at the dealership for 4 months. they put in a new axle and said the subframe passed inspection.
    they also did a goverment motor vehilce inspection. that was monday feb 21 2011. the van was acting funny and very hard to keep straight on the road. on sat feb 26 i was on the highway traveling with my eight year old son at 110 km/r which is the speed limit, in a split second it was like someone hit me from behind and i went sideways and just missed the cement divider.i managed to get the van to the shoulder of the road. when i got out the brand new axle was unhooked from the passenger side of the vehicle. this is after the recall and with a brand new axle. so now am without a vehicle until they can tow it at the first of the week and i am not sure this vehicle will ever be safe to drive.


    Finally I got my Windstar back today!!

  • Floyd Swain

    I have a 1999 windstar in Saskatchewan,Canada.How do I find out if it is on the recall list.

  • 1998 windstar

    I took my Windstar in for the recall when I got the first notice last year. They checked it and said it was fine and sprayed it with something.
    Last week I got another recall notice and I called and they said that mine was already taken care of. Well today when I was driving it I hit a few bumps and the van went crazy. I hit a few more bumps and it did the same. It was very hard to control. I took it to my mechanic and he said that the rear axle was cracked and had it towed to the nearest ford dealer for repair.

  • Kim Orlikowski

    I took my Windstar in for the recall last year in October. They provided me with a rental car and told me it would be after the first of the year before I got it back as the parts wouldn’t be available until then. I live in Minnesota and we got hit with an extremely hard winter last year. I took my car in there fully functional and running. After sitting on the Ford lot until March of 2011 — never starting it all winter long, never taking out the battery, never checking fluids, etc. they call me and tell me I have to pick it up now. They will no longer cover the rental — I need to return it right away. I do so and go to pick up my vehicle, and come to find out…… won’t stay running. They replaced the battery (because they left it out all winter), but I would need a new alternator, etc. I believe this is Ford’s fault. I didn’t have any of these issues prior to taking the van into the Ford dealership. I fought it with the dealership who told me I had to take it up with Ford. I fought it with Ford who told me I had to take it up with the dealership. No one was willing to take responsibility for this — a problem that FORD caused. I cannot afford to get the van fixed – so it sits. I have had to borrow a vehicle from someone so I can get to work, etc. I will never buy another Ford vehicle just from this. All I wanted was for them to take responsiblity for this and get my car running again.

    Shame on you FORD!

  • Kozinskim

    my daughter driving from my house to indiana just called in tears, with 4 kids in tow, axle broke on 2001 windstar, shes stranded on road , i told her call nearest ford dealer, she was only doing 20 when it snapped but was previously just doing 65 on highway… with my grandkids in unknown danger…she never got a warning letter , so im so thankful she wasnt going faster….sigh