FT-86 Logo Revealed, Inspired by Boxer Engine

FT-86 Logo Revealed, Inspired by Boxer Engine

A design sketch of what is rumored to be the logo for the upcoming Toyota FT-86 has surfaced online, clearly highlighting the Japanese sports car will be powered by a boxer engine.

The design sketch shows two horizontally opposed pistons; an engine design that has earned the ‘boxer’ title because of its visual similarity to two boxers tossing punches.

Rather than a crank in the middle, however, the sketch shows a stylized number 86, in reference to the rear-drive AE86 Corolla model that formed the inspiration of more than just the name of the FT-86.

Rumors have indicated the production FT-86 will get a 2.0-liter boxer 4-cylinder engine, donated from Subaru and if this is in fact the actual logo for the car, then those rumors would look to be true.

It’s not clear how the logo will be incorporated into the U.S. model, however, with recent reports indicating the car will be a Scion model and wear the FR-S badge.

GALLERY: Toyota FT-86


[Source: Car & Driver]

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