Honda CR-Z Gets A K-Series Engine Swap

Honda CR-Z Gets A K-Series Engine Swap

Honda loyalists who long for a CR-Z with the hybrid internals removed and a K-Series engine swapped in have finally had their prayers answered by LHT Performance, a performance shop that was also one of the pioneers of the K-Series swap into the first generation Insight, which yielded an ultra light weight VTEC powered aluminum rocket.

What separates LHT’s K20 swap from other tuners is that all the vehicle’s electronics will work, including the power steering, ABS, stability control, cruise control and air conditioning units, which normally are lost due to wiring and ECU issues.

All we have right now is a short video of the car not doing anything exciting, but hopefully there will be more to come.

[Source: Autoblog]

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    waste of a good engine