John Lennon’s ’72 Chrysler Station Wagon Goes Up for Auction

John Lennon’s ’72 Chrysler Station Wagon Goes Up for Auction

Cars of the stars can often surprise you. On the one hand there are some celebrities who love flash, while others prefer more nondescript means of transportation.

John Lennon, who died 30 years ago this past week, was famously known to have owned a psychedelic painted Rolls-Royce Phantom limousine, but during his final years, he and wife Yoko Ono tooled around in this rather anonymous, green 1972 Chrysler Town & Country Station Wagon.

Battered and bruised from a life on Manhattan streets, the car was sold by Yoko after John’s death and since 1996 it’s had just a single owner. However, now that Lennon has been thrust into the spotlight once again, the car has come out of obscurity, to be auctioned by Braswell Galleries in New England. The Town & Country is essentially in the same condition it likely was when John and Yoko owned it and the seller still has the original New York State title and registration documents.

If John had lived, it’s likely this car would have less significance, excerpts from his personal memoirs indicate he and Yoko were looking at replacing it with a then new Mercedes-Benz W123 300 Touring.

Hit the link below for more info and to see how you can own this piece of automotive and music history.

[Source: Braswell Galleries]

  • V8

    Beautiful car much more tasteful than that psychedelic rolls lol