Keep Your Pants On With Auto-Inspired Belts

Keep Your Pants On With Auto-Inspired Belts

It’s a good idea to buckle up in the car to keep you safe, but did you know that buckling up can keep you pants up?

There are a few belts out there from your favorite automotive brands and are worthy of keeping your pants in place. The auto-inspired belts from Pure Detroit make it simple by letting you just click it. The authentic seatbelt belt  shown above is fabricated from real automotive seatbelt webbing, and available in black, brown, charcoal and olive. You’ll find belts from Cadillac, Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Corvette, Mustang and Pontiac for sale at

There are also belts for motorcycle lovers too. The belts from Triumph are tough and smart yet casual and timelessly fashionable – just like the bikes. The belt comes in two sizes: 80-to-98cm and 86-to-104cm, and there are five rivet belts to choose from. The belts are available from

An American standard, the Harley-Davidson belt spells it out for you – and it’s written in large zinc aluminum lettering along the strap. The 100 per cent leather belt also has a detachable engraved buckle. You can pick up the Men’s Metal Lettered Belt from

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