McLaren Offers Limited Edition Upgrade Kit for the SLR

McLaren Offers Limited Edition Upgrade Kit for the SLR

When Mercedes rolled out the SLR Stirling Moss edition at the Detroit Auto Show a few years back, we thought perhaps the onslaught of special edition versions of the overpriced and over-hyped supercar had finally come to an end. At least that’s what Mercedes would have had us believe, especially with the McLaren/Mercedes partnership coming to a tumultuous end.

McLaren has, however, just announced a new aftermarket kit for the car, debuting it at the recent Essen Motor Show in Germany. The package consists of new aerodynamics, an upgraded suspension, interior improvements and revised steering – easily the car’s biggest fault.

Just 25 kits will be offered by McLaren and while we really do wish they’d stop with the special editions, perhaps this McLaren kit will remove much of the diluting Mercedes did with what could have been a car more worthy of the ‘supercar’ name.

[Source: Autoblog Germany]

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