Mopar Reveals New 426 Hemi Crate Engine, Other Goodies at PRI Show

Mopar Reveals New 426 Hemi Crate Engine, Other Goodies at PRI Show

Every December, racers and gearheads gather at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show, located in sunny Orlando, Florida.

It’s also the perfect opportunity for the automakers and their parts divisions to roll out some serious hardware, in preparation for next year’s racing season. In 2010, Chrysler is pulling out all the stops – it’s Motor Parts division (yes, that’s what MOPAR really stands for), is releasing an all new 426 cubic inch Hemi V8, based on the Generation III series architecture.

This motor sports an aluminum block and heads, comes with a complete oil pan and intake manifold assembly and will retail for $13,675, when production begins later this month. Considering it cranks out a whopping 540-hp and 530 ft-lbs of torque, plus what original factory iron-block 426s go for, that’s a considerable bargain.

Other cool stuff at the PRI Mopar display this year, include a new Challenger Drag Pack car, powered by a 500-plus cubic-inch V10. Already approved for NHRA Stock and Super Stock racing, the first of these limited edition drag only specials will roll off the assembly line next year and promise to make things rather interesting, especially as Ford is about to dish up another Cobra Jet Mustang, likely in time for the 2012 season.

Other cool Mopar stuff  for 2011 includes cold air intake kits, new W2 aluminum cylinder heads for traditional small block V8s (read 340/360 Wedge engines), Gen III Hemi valvetrain tie bars, aluminum blocks, head stud kits and new Challenger rear strut brace kits. For information on these and other new Mopar products, click on the link below.

[Source: Mopar]

  • Albert T Sheldon PhD

    I sure would like to get additional details on that new 426 Hemi as I am getting ready to swap out my 6.1L motors on my Charger and Challenger SRTs. Are internal components forged, what the compression ratio, etc?



  • Armen Gugasian

    can I order a 2011 with the 426?

  • Les Longanetti

    Why does Mopar blow smoke up peoples Butt? Name one person that has one of these motors. I have had one on order now for 7 months with my dealer and he checks every week and is told the same damn thing ” no Dealer or no warehouse has one in stock,Check later!” What kind of BS is that? If they arn’t for sale why put a part number and price on them and say just order one.. Bull-s it!
    Just me or do they think everybody is crazy? Chevy and Ford both have Crate Motors and guess what? They will sell you one,Two or however many you want,I know, I should have bought one a Chevy or Ford. If I had it all to do over I’m sure I would have!

  • Jeff Lanigan

    Les, I ordered a 2010 MOPAR 10 R/T Challenger (#431 of 500) with the 426 ci package, P/N P5155513 as a Dealer Installed Replacement Option (DIRO) in July of 2010 when the car was announced and I recieved the car from Chrysler in March 2011. It is fully documented, registered in Mr. Norms Grand Spaulding Dodge Registry and now resides in my garage. It is a bone stock MP10, 6-Spd w/ the Aluminum 426 Gen III engine and produced 460 HP – 475 Ft-lbsTq at the RW’s on MN’s chassis dyno.
    Good luck but they are out there.

  • madh8ter

    mopar Dodge has killed the lame horse again