Porsche Cayenne Based Gemballa Tornado First New Model From Resurrected Tuner

Porsche Cayenne Based Gemballa Tornado First New Model From Resurrected Tuner

2010 has been the sort of year Gemballa would never want a repeat of. It was in February when Uwe Gemballa, the founder of this high-end tuning company, was reported missing.

Sadly, his body was found a few months later, ending speculation of where he was and what had happened. With news of the company filing for bankruptcy and all operation coming to an immediate halt, it looked as if the days of ever seeing a new creation from Gemballa had gone.

Thankfully the company lives under the management of its new CEO Andreas Schwarz, and they have just released a new model, called the Tornado.

Named after the British fighter jet by the same name, the Tornado keeps with their tradition of naming their cars after fighter jets – like the Porsche Carrera GT variant called the Mirage and the Ferrari Enzo variant called the MiG.

Their newest model is based on Porsche‘s latest generation Cayenne model. Obviously it has a new body kit, which gives this SUV a very angry stance.  With its gaping mouth, vertical LED lights and huge nostrils, if you see this coming in your rearview mirror, just do the sensible thing and get out of its way.

But there is more to its looks than its looks suggests. Gemballa has used its knowledge in producing bits out of carbon-fiber, so as a result, not only does the Tornado look different, it weighs less too, and that is without compromising its safety features. In total, the Tornado is 154 lbs lighter than its Cayenne sibling.

Oh, and it has more power too. Gemballa says they are working on a stage two engine modification for this motor and will see a power output of around 700 hp and 738 ft-lbs of torque. Thankfully, upgraded Brembo brakes will also be available to stop all this fury.

Prices for the Tornado has not been announced yet, but if you want one you’ll need to hurry, only 30 are planned for production.