Porsche to Develop Future VW Group Performance Models, Not Audi

Porsche to Develop Future VW Group Performance Models, Not Audi

From the outside, Volkswagen might look like a stable collection of some of the world’s best-selling brands, combined with some of the most exotic. But behind the scenes there’s a power struggle and newcomer Porsche looks to be taking over from the inside – an ironic twist to the German sports car maker’s story, with it once attempting a takeover of VW.

Porsche’s latest internal victory comes as VW Group CEO Martin Winterkon has decided Porsche will be responsible for development of new platforms for all of the companies future sports car and luxury sedans, including a new sedan platform for the next-generation Panamera, which will be shared with a future Bentley model.

Porsche will then also be responsible for future Lamborghini models, as well as some of the top Audi products.

The decision is a big loss for Audi, which has long been an integral part of the VW Group and which has lobbied hard to win the contract to oversee development of the VW Groups most prestigious products. And there’s more than just bragging rights here, with Porsche now getting a significant budget increase, not to mention the addition of a wind tunnel, design center and an extra 100 engineers for its development center outside Stuttgart.

[Source: Automotive News via Motor Authority]

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