Promoting Your Brand With Crashvertise is No Accident

Promoting Your Brand With Crashvertise is No Accident

Here’s kind of an unsettling, unconventional and pretty innovative idea. You know how you can’t help but stop to gawk at a traffic accident. If you own a business, in the near future, you may be able to maximize your brand’s reach with that captive audience with Crashvertising.

Here’s how it works: the Crashvertise team is notified of an accident and they head to the scene with posters and roadside emergency triangles that highlights whatever campaign is being promoted. But that’s not all they do – to draw even more attention to themselves, the Crashvertisers will hand out related swag from the featured advertiser.

Watch a video after the just to see how the Crashvertise concept works. Even though it’s just a joke for the time being, it’s a new idea that someone might actually try out. What do you think – tacky or brilliant?

[Source: Crashvertise]

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