Ralph Lauren’s Bugatti Watch Styled After His 1938 Atlantic

Ralph Lauren’s Bugatti Watch Styled After His 1938 Atlantic

Embodying sophistication and style, there’s only one designer up to the task of creating a signature Bugatti timepiece, and that’s Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren may be best known as being an upscale clothing designer, but the man behind the legend is also the proud owner of one of the finest classic car collections around, which includes a 1938 Bugatti.  That’s why he designed a watch that would go perfectly with it.

The latest timepiece in Lauren’s Sporting Watch collection is influenced by the interior of the Atlantic and is outfitted with an elm burl wood ring that’s styled after the car’s dashboard. It also features a galvanized matte black dial with white Arabic numerals like the Bugatti’s gauges, and visible screws around the case front. The watch’s movement is made for Ralph Lauren by the Richemont group (the same company that makes Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Panerai and IWC – and features a 45-hour power reserve.

You can pick up one of these watches for $13,200, and don’t worry, it will look great no matter what you’re driving.

[Source: Autoblog]