Seattle Police Use Twitter to Stop Car Thefts

Seattle Police Use Twitter to Stop Car Thefts

Oh social media, what can’t you do? Not only do you entertain us and keep us up to date, you also fight crime in your spare time. The Seattle police department has announced that it will start tweeting information on stolen vehicles in hopes of cutting rising auto theft rates.

The stolen car tweets will publish the color, year, make, model, body style and license plate numbers on a Twitter account dubbed “Get your car back.”

The average number of cars stolen per day in the city has risen from 8.46 last year to 9.9 in 2010, and more than 3,000 were stolen through October.

The car’s information will be tweeted by employees at the police call center after it is reported stolen, and they are encouraging Twitter followers who spot stolen cars to call police but not to contact any occupants.

You can follow them on Twitter at and

[Source: MSN]