Shelby GT500 Blows Up on the Dyno [Video]

Shelby GT500 Blows Up on the Dyno [Video]

What happens when you mix a 550-hp Shelby GT500 and push 24 lbs of boost though it to make 800-hp? Well, if you’re unlucky, it explodes in a fiery mess.

At least that’s what happened to the owner of this car.

There’s little information about the explosion floating around, but you don’t want to miss this video. Keep watching all the way to the end for a low-down side view when this rocket goes off.

Check out the video after the jump:

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  • blow fish

    looks like it has too much power going thru something cannot handle the load.
    At least didnt see any rods coming out of the block, thats a good thing, but it could have irreversible internal damages.
    good luck.

  • Undomesticated

    This is a lot like taking a Chinese made tricycle through a downhill extreme mountain bike course. It wasn’t made for the ride and it’s quality of build barely keeps it on the road in the first place. Plus if offered a tricycle over this POS, I’d take the trike.