Survey: Car Shoppers Unlikely To Consider an Electric Vehicle

Survey: Car Shoppers Unlikely To Consider an Electric Vehicle

If you’re looking to buy a new car, chances aren’t you’re not going with an electric, says a survey by Kelley Blue Book.

The recent results from the Kelley Blue Book Market Intelligence study looked at consumer attitudes regarding electric vehicles. It shows that only seven percent of car shoppers say they are likely to consider an electric vehicle for their next new-vehicle purchase or lease.

Among the reasons why these consumers wouldn’t want to go electric include the drivable range on a single charge (87 percent) and availability of charging stations (84 percent). For those who said they buy an electric vehicle, they said it would primarily be used as an everyday or commuter vehicle (78 percent). Other interesting information uncovered by the report was that respondents said they would expect an electric vehicle to get 340 miles per charge in order for it to meet their needs.

When it came to the cost of these types of cars, nearly all car shoppers (91 percent) feel that electric vehicles are expensive, and 43 percent expect that electric vehicles will not retain their value as well as conventional gas cars.

When it comes to electric vehicle technology, less than half of respondents (45 percent) said they are interested in it. For those interested in electric vehicle technology, the primary reason cited was reduction in reliance on foreign oil (85 percent), reduction in pollution (83 percent) and reduction in vehicle emissions (83 percent). Only 37 percent said they were interested in electric vehicle technology due to potential tax credits, and 8 percent said they were interested because of potential access to carpool lane stickers. Another interesting fact: for those who interested in electric vehicle technology, the majority (65 percent) said they were open to purchasing an electric vehicle from a company that has not previously sold vehicles in the United States.

  • Bobby

    Another reason why the Volt is the perfect car for Americans. Bye-bye Leaf, you’re gonna get steamrolled.