The iPad Car Headrest Cradle Makes Road Trips Fun

The iPad Car Headrest Cradle Makes Road Trips Fun

You love your iPad so much you never want to let it out of your site. And with the iPad Car Headrest Cradle, you can watch it while on the road… unless, of course you’re driving.

With the iPad Car Headrest Cradle, your iPad is snuggled and hung from the back of the car’s headrest with care. It’s perfect to keep little ones in the back seat occupied with their favorite TV show or movie.

Keeping it securely in place is a mounting frame that clamps to the headrest posts, while its rubber lining ensures it won’t scratch the metal finish. And even when you hit the bumpiest roads, the iPad Car Headrest Cradle won’t move, thanks to locking pins that secure it into place at the perfect angle. It also features an aluminum stand with four raised corners that hold the iPad in place without blocking your view or any of the controls, and its ball joint lets you rotate it 360º horizontally or vertically.

If you got an iPad for the holidays, be sure to pick up this handy accessory for $59.95 – it’ll pay for itself after just one long family road trip.

[Source: Coolest Gadgets]