Vatican Looking To Buy a Solar-Powered Popemobile

Vatican Looking To Buy a Solar-Powered Popemobile

Pope Benedict XVI is going to be known as the “Green Pope” due to his eco-friendly initiatives since donning the fancy hat. He has spoken about the importance of sustainable energy. In 2008, photovoltaic cells were installed on the roof of a Vatican auditorium, and in 2009, a solar cooling unit was added to the Vatican cafeteria. So the next local step for the Green Pope is to drive a Green Popemobile.

According to The Washington Post, Pope Benedict is looking for a solar-powered Popemobile. The Vatican says Pope Benedict XVI would gladly use one as another sign of his efforts to promote sustainable energy and take care of the planet. But so far, no one has yet to be offer one (is there really that big of a demand for solar-powered Popemobiles?).

But there is hope on the horizon. The German firm SolarWorld (the same company that installed the cells atop the Vatican auditorium) believes it can build the Pope an electric solar car, but marketing chief Milan Nitzschke says a major problem is getting the Vatican security to sign off on it. Some concerns appear to be about the solar Popemobile having enough speed to accelerate quickly enough should a security issue arrive.

[Source: The Washington Post]


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