Volkswagen London Taxi Concept EV Unveiled

Volkswagen London Taxi Concept EV Unveiled

The London taxi is a rolling landmark. It is as recognizable as Big Ben or Buckingham Palace, and the reason for that is, it hasn’t changed all that much in the last 50 years.

But it can all change very soon if Europe’s biggest car maker can have its way, as Volkswagen has just introduced the e-motion Taxi concept.

This Taxi concept is actually based on VW’s Up concept from a few years ago, which will eventually go into production. The e-motion version is powered by a 115 hp electric motor, which gets its power from a lithium-ion battery pack. VW says this concept has a range of about 180 miles, which is seriously impressive, plus it can get an 80% charge in just one hour. So a taxi driver could be on his lunch break while the car renews its own energy.

It won’t appeal to any boy racers though, as it only has a top speed of 74 mph, but that would be missing the point of this vehicle. The purpose of this vehicle would be to provide a city commute without contributing to the city smog.

It is a brilliant idea and all major cosmopolitan cities around the world can benefit from green transportation vehicles like this.

Will this e-motion Taxi ever go into production? Well it might not become a real taxi, but VW can certainly put this technology into production and thus give birth to a serious rival for the Nissan Leaf.

[Source: Autocar]