Volkswagen New Midsize Sedan Revealed

Volkswagen New Midsize Sedan Revealed
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Volkswagen‘s New Midsize Sedan, the car designed and built in America, for American consumers, has been revealed in a series of spy photos that show the car undisguised.

Not surprisingly, the car looks like a 2011 Jetta with bigger proportions, trading the Passat’s distinctive styling for something as generic as a badgeless car in an auto insurance commercial. Clearly, Volkswagen is hoping to sell 800,000 units by taking the most anonymous and lowest-common-denominator route possible.

[Source: Jalopnik via JokeJoe]

  • Andrea

    That is not for “American consumers”…That is for Toyota-Camry driving consumers…Too boring and dated looking for the rest of us. Looks old already.

  • Mountain Man

    A midsized sedan, a German Diesel, and petrol @ $10 a gallon: I’ll buy it! MM

  • scotts13

    The B6 Passat was already a Jetta underneath, I guess they wanted to continue the trend. Pretty soon you’ll need a tape measure to tell them apart.