2011 Tokyo Auto Salon: Subaru Legacy Super GT Race Car is 10/10ths of Awesome

2011 Tokyo Auto Salon: Subaru Legacy Super GT Race Car is 10/10ths of Awesome

Arguably the best part about Japan’s Super GT racing series is that when it comes to running a car, there appear to be about as many rules as a monkey knife fight.

Often teams will run mismatched engines and bodies, simply using a certain shell for better brand marketing. That being said, Subaru‘s Legacy racer isn’t quite the stretch that it at first seems.

On display in the Subaru booth at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon, this ‘4-door’ might not share much in the way of a chassis with the current Legacy, but it is powered by a typically-Subaru horizontally-opposed boxer engine. But really, when a car looks this amazing, does anyone really care about authenticity?

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  • Sergey Titov

    Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. Subaru Bldg.,
    1-7-2 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,
    Tokyo 160-8316 Japan

    Attn.: Mr. Ikuo Mori
    President of
    Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.

    Dear Mr. President,

    please accept the assurances of my heartfelt esteem and admiration for the quality of the cars your company produces.

    For several years, I have been a regular addict of your cars and customer of your company. I was extremely pleased with operating Subaru Legacy 2002 and Subaru Forester 2005.

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    2. Before the winter season started, the car was checked, at the sales center, for its readiness for winter. But, for some reason, they have not checked specific gravity of electrolyte and cranking amps in the accumulator battery, which resulted in impossibility to start up the car in low temperatures. I had to have the accumulator dismantled and charged, so the car was standing idle for a week.

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    I am very sorry, but after all the troubles connected with servicing Subaru brand I will have to prefer another make of the car, when buying the next one.

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    Sergey I. Titov,
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    April 20, 2011

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