2012 Ford Focus Rebels With New Tattoos

2012 Ford Focus Rebels With New Tattoos

All the cool kids are getting tattoos – just look at the Cube, Juke and Frontier. The latest car to jump on the body art bandwagon is the 2012 Ford Focus, giving owners a quick and affordable way to personalize their car.

With over 200 vinyl wrap tattoos available, ranging from geometric patterns and racing stripes to whimsical splashes and swirls, you can choose what tattoo best suits your individuality at www.fordcustomgraphics.com.

“Millennials have a very personalized, artistic side to their lifestyle, and their vehicle is a very important part of that,” said KC Dallia, Focus brand manager. “With its striking front end, sleek profile, dramatic rising beltline and athletic stance, the Focus provides the perfect canvas for customization.”

And Ford has done their homework. According to research, about four in 10 Millennials have at least one tattoo, with Generation-Xers bringing up the rear at 32 percent. So, it’s fairly safe to say that the next logical step in the world of tattooing would extend to your car.

For those interested in getting a tattoo for their 2012 Focus, you can stick one on for $120 to $470, and unlike that arm band tat, this one can be easily removed in a couple of years when you tire of it. The tattoos are made with 3M Scotchprint Personalized Vehicle Graphic Film as well as a clear graphic protection layer. And don’t worry about sticking them on, because they come professionally installed at Ford dealerships and come with a three-year/36,000-mile limited warranty.