2012 Suzuki MR Wagon is the World’s Cutest Box on Wheels

2012 Suzuki MR Wagon is the World’s Cutest Box on Wheels

Suzuki has been struggling with its car division in North America, and sales in 2010 were particularly poor. However, in its home market of Japan, the brand does quite well, thanks to tiny run-abouts like this new MR wagon.

The MR wagon fits under the kei-class category in Japan, which in English would mean, ultra sub-compact. There are many benefits to owning such vehicles in Japan, as you get plenty of tax cuts for driving economical vehicles. So like all other kei-class cars, the MR wagon features an engine displacing just 660 cc and three-cylinders.

You can either get a normally aspirated engine that produces 54-hp, or a turbo-charged unit that develops a ‘whopping’ 64-hp. You can also choose between a front-wheel drive model and an all-wheel drive model. However, the only transmission on offer is a CVT automatic.

The new MR wagon order book is now open. Prices start at about $14,000.

[Source: Carscoop]

  • Dennis Ron

    Why cant they release this in the Philippines I mean people would go crazy for this car at that price. Suzukis are very popular in the Phil but we only get the surplus