Big Three Set To Add Market Share

Big Three Set To Add Market Share

After a dismal 2009 , American automakers look set to gain market share in 2010, despite fewer brands, a drastically reduced dealer network. The last time the Big 3 gained market share was in 1995.

The strong profitability of the domestic automakers has been linked to lower manufacturing costs, a reduced debt load and careful use of incentives.  Import brands like Hyundai and Subaru also fared well, while stalwarts like Toyota ended up losing market share. Analysts expect overall U.S. sales volume to hit 11.5 million vehicles in 2010, an improvement of 1.1 million over 2009. Projections for 2011 were not available at this time, but the Big Three are expected to gain even more momentum as all-new product finally hits the market.

[Source: Detroit News]

  • jonny

    i am normally mr. free market but i think we are in a trade war with the asian countries. i have been to these countries especially and on our products many have luxury taxes to make our products unable to compete.
    If you do not buy an american car made in america ( which they are still tons)they you can’t complain about the economy. Buy American!